Travel and Transportation

Travel Rules 

  1. You must confirm dates and times of your travel BEFORE booking your tickets
  2. Your departure and arrival times must be between 9a.m. and 9p.m.
  3. The earliest the school van will leave will be 8am. We recommend allowing your self 1 hour between leaving campus and your ticket time if traveling from Wheeling, or 3 hours if you are traveling from Pittsburgh.
  4. You must fill out this form NO LATER than 1 WEEK before your trip.
  5. After confirming your trip with the International Student office, you MUST email or give a copy of your ticket(s) to Jasmin Ilovar either by hand or through email at [email protected]. We must receive a copy of the ticket for EACH student traveling.
  6. Each student must fill out their OWN travel request.
  7. You MUST book round trip tickets unless you do not plan on coming back to West Liberty University. Any combination of air, bus, or car travel is accepted.
  8. If you decide to change your transportation arrangements to something other than what is listed in this form. You will be responsible for your own transportation.
  9. If you are traveling by Greyhound bus, you must depart from and/or arrive to the Wheeling, WV station unless otherwise approved by Jasmin Ilovar or Mia Szabo.

***If you do not follow these rules, we cannot guarantee transportation. Also, if the times are not convenient for your schedule when planning your trips then you may use Airport Limousine Shuttle Service by calling (304) 232-1175. You may also find the company on the Internet by using this link: ***

Please fill out the travel form below:

  • (must be between 9am and 9pm)
  • (must be between 9am and 9pm)

Please see calendar below to stay up-to-date on our travel & transportation trips: