Programs and Activities

The International Student Office at West Liberty University organizes weekly activities and events for all of our international students. Students can go to weekly shopping trips, monthly excursions in the area or other fun activities and events. For a detailed schedule of events, please view the list below the slideshow.

Here are some examples of the exciting activities that we have done in the past:

Festival of Colors 2013
Miniature Golf 2013
Glow Bowling 2014
Languages of Love Event 2014
International Food Festival 2014
Hijab Day 2014
Niagara Falls 2012
Festival of Colors 2012
Columbus Farmers Market 2012
Barnesville Pumpkin Festival 2012
Washington County Fair 2012
Kennywood 2012
Chinese New Year 2013



Please click on the event that you wish to attend to register and to view more information.

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Meet the Coordinator of International Student Activities:

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmin Ilovar, and I am the Coordinator of International Student Activities here at West Liberty University. There are a lot of fun and interesting places to see and things to do here in the Ohio Valley, like kayaking or attending the multitude of festivals thrown every year. It is our pleasure to create programs for you, our international students, to attend in hopes that you will be able to experience the cultural aspect of living in the United 3

On this page is the calendar of activities that will be used to showcase our programs and events. It will be constantly updated, and will show you all the events we have planned for the current school year. Please note that this calendar is subject to change and it would be wise to always refer back to this calendar before an event. If you have any recommendations for events and activities, feel free to let me know by contacting me at [email protected] or by contacting me at (304) 336-8382.