Forever Hilltopper

Since 1877, the West Liberty University Alumni Association has been dedicated to promoting the interests of WLU and fostering support among its graduates and friends. Today, we represent more than 22,000 alumni across the country and around the world. Just how do we engage our alumni in the best possible way? Through the new Forever HILLTOPPER program!

We welcome all 22,000 alumni and 3,500 students as lifelong members of the Alumni Association and discontinue all membership dues. Becoming a lifelong member begins the first time you set foot on campus and continues through graduation and your professional career. The new no-dues membership is our response to a popular belief that the Alumni Association mattered only to dues-paying members. By being inclusive, the Forever HILLTOPPER program will build better relationships between students and alumni, create stronger professional and social networks, and develop a culture of giving within our campus community.

Four cornerstones support Forever HILLTOPPER: recruiting, mentoring, networking and fundraising. Existing programs such as Topper2Topper networking will support these pillars, while new programs are in the works.  To keep you informed in a timely manner, alumni are now receiving the Top of the Hill newsletter on a quarterly basis. We hope you are inspired to visit more often, take part in activities and reconnect with old friends!