Dear West Liberty University Community:

Our Presidential Search Committee has been very busy over the summer months.   The team is composed of representatives of the faculty, staff, students, alumni, administration, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Board of Governors. The Search Committee, under the direction of co-chairs Les DeFelice (1976) and Jay Duffy (1969), has worked together cooperatively and enthusiastically through this methodical process.

From starting with over forty candidates, to narrowing the interview pool down to twelve highly qualified candidates, the Committee and Board are getting near to announcing the names of the finalists and the dates of their individual campus visits. Detailed schedules of the on-campus visits will be posted on the WLU website and distributed via campus e-mail. We encourage all interested parties to make an effort to meet each candidate and to provide input to the Search Committee and Board of Governors through their respective representatives.

Please understand the need for confidentiality of the finalists remains high, so the names of the finalist will not be released until close to the time of the on-campus visits

I am confident that we have several exceptional finalists that are very capable of leading West Liberty University in the future.  We will keep you posted as the search moves through its final phases.

Kindest regards,

George G. Couch, Chair
WLU Board of Governors

2015 Presidential Search Committee List
Presidential Candidates Itinerary
Dr. Keely Camden – September 21 & 22
Dr. Ron D. Dempsey – September 28 & 29
Dr. Stephen G. Greiner – September 14 & 15
Dr. Cheryl B. Torsney – September 24 & 25