2013 1098-T’s will be mailed by:  January 24, 2014; School Code:  26

Welcome to our 1098-T Tax page!  This is the page where you can easily access your 1098-T online.

Our 1098-T process is out-sourced to ECSI, a student services  management organization.

By navigating to 1098-T*,  one can readily obtain the needed tax information.  Please follow all instructions therein.

Please understand that West Liberty University cannot give any tax advice; one should consult with a qualified tax professional or contact the IRS Tax Payer Assistance Line at (800) 829-1040.

West Liberty University bases their 1098-T process on qualifying tuition and fee expenses, and scholarships and grant credits.  It is the responsibility of the tax payer to keep copies of their financial records.  Your 1098-T will include information extracted from our database between the dates of January 1st through December 31st of the tax year.**

*This link will redirect to an external website.

**Please note that in the majority of cases, the Spring term is included on the previous year’s 1098-T.