Payment Plan Options

Please note that our payment plan application has been replaced by a promissory note.  It is to your advantage to read and understand the document before you sign it.  The Business Office will place the payment plan on your account for the amount stated on the completed note.  If unsure of the amount, please call (304) 336-8013 or 8944 to discuss your plan.  Please remember any charges over and above the stated amount are considered not to be on the plan and are to be paid immediately.

Upon receipt of your student invoice, please verify if all charges are complete.  Students may not be fully registered for classes nor decided upon housing at the time the invoice is emailed.  All students are emailed updated invoices as their charges occur. In this case an amount stated on your note would be honored and additional charges over and above the note amount would due and payable immediately.

Students must sign up for a payment plan each semester.  The first payment and completed promissory note must be received by the  first payment date on the 15th of the month in which the plan starts (Fall semester:  August 15th, Spring semester:  January 15th).  Payment plans will not be granted after the 15th day of the month in which the plan begins, since this is a five-month payment plan.  Payment plans will not be extended past December 15th (Fall semester), May 15th (Spring Semester).  If a payment plan is started late, payments for the month past must be made-up so that the plan finishes on time.

Five-month payment plan

Promissory Note (Payment Plans not available for summer terms)

Please note:  We are no longer processing payment booklets; a reminder statement will be sent to the
student via WLU student email address.

Physician Assistant Program Promissory Note Only


60/40 Payment Plan Option

60% of amount due immediately; 40% due on September 28, 2015 + 2% interest.

60/40 Payment Plan Form