Current students and new students can access the  5-Month Payment Plan Promissory Note here:  Promissory Note.

Basic Summary of How Our Plan Works:

Students must use their student invoice to figure their payment plan budget.  The basic formula is current charges minus current credits equal net due; add $30 to the net due; divide by five.  This is your monthly payment, which is due on the 15th of each month, with the first payment being due on August 15th and continuing through December 15th.  There is a 10-day grace period; on or after the 25th of each month, a late fee of $5 will be assessed, and the account will be placed on hold.  If the installment is not received within 30 days of installment due date, an additional $80 late fee will be assessed on the account,  your payment plan will be terminated and the full account amount will be due immediately.

Please note that if your student charges change after your invoice is generated, it is your responsibility to contact the Business Office to have your account adjusted.

If you do not receive an invoice, you must call the Business Office to discuss your charges so that we can get you involved in a payment plan.

A payment plan is not an extension of credit nor is it a loan, it is a monthly obligation.

You must complete the Promissory Note in its entirety, a check for the first installment and the completed Promissory Note and mail to the address disclosed on the Note.  A note that is received without the first installment, or checks received without the note will not be processed and you will not be considered on a payment plan.

The Promissory Note will reflect the amount of your payments.   If your payments do not state what the student account reflects, a deficit will occur and the balance over and above your note amount will be considered due and payable immediately. A hold on registration, grades and transcripts will apply.  A monthly reminder will be sent to the student via WLU email. We are no longer processing payment booklets.

Any additional questions can be answered in this regard by calling the Business Office at (304) 336-8013 or (304) 336-8944.