A Perkins Loan is awarded based on financial need.  Repayment of the loan must begin nine months after the student graduates or ceases enrollment.  The interest rate is 5% and is not applied until after the nine month grace period.

A Nursing Loan is available to four- year nursing degree students based on financial need.  A Nursing Loan Request form must be completed in the Financial Aid Office.  The interest rate is 5% and is deferred along with payment until nine months after graduation or enrollment ceases.

Students who have been awarded either a Perkins or Nursing Loan must complete their promissory note online here.*  You will need to have your FASFA pin # in order to complete this process.  This requirement must be fulfilled before any funds can be disbursed to your account.

School Code = 26 + Account Number = Your SSN#+ Pin = FAFSA Pin

Once the student either graduates or enrollment ceases they must complete an Exit Interview online here.*

School Code = 26 + Account Number = Your SSN#+ Password = (select ? for assistance)

ECSI is a company you should familiarize yourself with.  They assist the University in managing campus based loans.  You will have access to your account online 24/7.  Forms, such as forbearance, cancellations and in-school deferments can easily be obtained by just logging into your account.

Please remember to be attentive regarding your student loans. Ultimately neglecting your obligation can result in adverse credit reporting. You can contact either ECSI or West Liberty University Collection Officer for assistance.

The Student Loan Program is a revolving loan fund and the money that is repaid is being used to make new loans for students.  Repayment will aid us in maintaining a low default rate on which the Federal Government bases its decision to grant additional monies to the loan program, and therefore to other students.

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