Parking Waiver

For those students attending classes at the Highlands Center only, a parking pass is not
required, but will automatically be added to your billing.

For those students attending classes on the main campus of WLU that will not have a vehicle on
campus will have to complete the parking waiver to have the charge removed from the
student account as it will be automatically billed.

Parking Fee Waiver – Fall Semester 

Note:  Once a parking waiver is granted a student, a car cannot be brought on Campus
at any point; failure to honor the waiver will result in fines, possible booting of the vehicle
and reinstatement of the original charge.


Topper Dollar Request Form
(Excess Funds from Financial Aid ONLY)

Please use the following online form to request Topper Dollars to be added from excess Financial Aid Funds only; Topper Dollars can be purchased at the Campus Service Center with a debit/credit card; online with a debit credit card; or in the Business Office with cash/check only.

Topper Dollar Request Form

Request for Refund Form

A refund for dropped hours will not be issued unless  student requests a refund; this is clearly stated in the West Liberty University Catalog.

If a student is a private pay on their student account and the student is due a refund, it must be requested via the Request for Refund Form

Please complete only the “boxed area” of the form

Please allow three to four weeks processing time.

The form can be returned to the Business Office for processing via:

Scan and Email:  Business Office
Print and Fax:  (304) 336-8312

Commuter Meal Plan

Please review the instructions within the form as there are changes to our policy regarding the addition of Commuter Meal Plan to the student’s account.  Non-adherence to the policy will result in the form not being honored.

Commuter Meal Plan Authorization Form (not available for Summer terms)


Student Financial Information Release Form

Students are now required to complete the Student Financial Information Release Form Authorization before any information is released to parents or other interested parties This release applies to all financial information pertaining to your WLU Student Account.  An authorized individual can now receive copies of invoices and statements of the student’s account via email when the billing process is ran.

Please complete this form promptly to ensure a smooth transition.  The deadline for completion is March 2, 2014.  After this date, no information will be released  to anyone but the student.

Student Financial Information Release Authorization