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Welcome to Distance Education at West Liberty. Over the past few years West Liberty University focused on developing policies and procedures to support effective online learning.

Distance learning is facilitated through the use of SAKAI, an learning management system similar to Blackboard, Angel, Moodle and others. Sakai works well with PCs, MACs and machines using a Linux operating system. A dependable internet connect and a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox are all that is required to get started. Sakai - learning managment system

Some instructors of online courses may require proctored examinations, some scheduled online meeting times or the use of specific software packages. These are course specific and generally described in the syllabus.  Additional information is available from [email protected].

While distance or online learning offers flexibility in access for learners, there are challenges and responsibilities.  Any where – any time is great for great for many learners.  West Liberty University is here to help you learn and offers support for the distant learner. Success is our goal as well as yours.  However, for some learners online learning may be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t ready to manage your time and accept responsibility for your learning and success.