West Liberty University’s Distance Education/Online Learning Opportunities

(Course Registration is through the WINS System and Information on Admissions)

If you are not a current West Liberty student, you will need to complete an application to WLU to start the process of registering for classes.  The form is available and may be completed online.  If you will not be seeking a degree from WLU, you are a “special” student.  Admissions will then contact you, give you your WLU ID# and help you register for your class.  If the course you wish to take has a prerequisite, you may need to provide evidence of qualification before registration is processed.  Prerequisites are listed with the course information found in WINS.


100% ONLINE Courses (asynchronous) have deadlines for completion of assignments but do not require any face-to-face meetings.  Proctored exams, using the online service ProctorU, may be required. 


To locate 100% online courses, access the WINS page at http://westliberty.edu/wins .

Click on  Class Search/Lookup about half way down the page, toward the right.

Select the desired term. Click on [Submit].

If desired, select one Subject from the list or you may search for all online courses by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the top subject name in the list and then the last subject name in the list before releasing the SHIFT key.  Selected subjects are shown in blue with white text.

Under Schedule Type: select the last choice, Web-Online 100%.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on [Class Search].

The course titles – CRN #s are displayed.   Clicking on the title of a course will provide more information.


If you have questions, you may contact the Office of E-Learning at: [email protected]