Contact the Campus Police or for more information pertaining to fire, contact the Safety and Health Department:

* Reporting a Fire
* If a Fire Alarm Sounds
* Mobility Impairment
* Prevention and Planning
* Extinguishers, Detectors and Sprinklers
* Use of Candles at Sponsored Events
* Fire Evacuation Meeting Place per Building

Reporting a Fire

* Pull a fire alarm
* Evacuate
* Call 8021 (Campus Police) or (9-1-1)

Initiating a false fire report or tampering with fire equipment is illegal, very dangerous, and will result in a fine.

If a Fire Alarm Sounds

* ALWAYS ASSUME THE ALARM IS REAL and exit the building quickly without running. You must exit, even if you know the alarm is false.
* Use normal exits if you can, but never use the elevator.
* Before opening a door, use the back of your hand to feel near the top for heat.
o If the door is hot or warm, or smoke is present, do not open.
o If the door is cool, open it slowly.
* Close all doors behind you to limit the spread of fire and smoke.
* If you must exit through heat or smoke, cover your nose and mouth with a towel or an item of clothing, then crawl or crouch.
* Move well away from the building and meet your fellow residents at the designated location. Do not re-enter until a Campus Police officer or the Fire Department gives permission. Anyone who interferes with a firefighter or fails to cooperate in any way is subject to a fine and/or arrest.
* If you cannot exit, place towels or a blanket (wet, if possible) at the base of the door. Open a window, yell for help, wave a towel or shirt.

If there is a phone, call 8021 or 9-1-1.

Mobility Impairment

* Call 8021 or 9-1-1 to report a mobility-impaired person in Hall _______, Floor __, Room_____. If you cannot call, open a window, yell for attention, wave a towel or shirt.
* Close the door, and wait with the person for Fire Department personnel.
* NEVER carry a mobility-impaired person unless there is imminent danger. Leave the wheelchair or other devices behind and follow the instructions of the individual as to how he/she is best transported.

Prevention and Planning

* Know the location of emergency exits, alarm pull boxes, and fire extinguishers.
* Report damaged equipment immediately.
* Never prop open hallway doors. Many have automatic closing devices designed to prevent the spread of fire.
* Never store bicycles or other items in hallways or stairwells.
* Campus residents receive a fire safety presentation. After that presentation, fire drills are held once each semester. Drills will be repeated for any residence hall that does not meet safety and evacuation response standards.

Extinguishers, Detectors and Sprinklers

* Use extinguishers on any type of fire.
* Report damaged or empty equipment to Campus Safety immediately at 8116.
* Wash extinguisher chemicals off the skin as soon as possible.
* Smoke detectors and sprinkler heads must have at least 18″ clearance from shelves, drapes, etc.
* Tampering with a detector or sprinkler will result in a fine to each room occupant.