Policy Number: 214 Effective Date: 04/89
Policy Title: Faculty Evaluation Revised: 12/08/98; 05/01/06; 07/01/10
Approval Date: 04/89 President’s Signature:  on file

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission Series 9, (Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion, and Tenure) directs that all Faculty under the authority of the WV Higher Education Policy Commission must be evaluated annually. The following guidelines outline the procedures whereby the Faculty of West Liberty University will be evaluated.

(“Common Core” Criteria to be used by all Departments.)

A. Teaching/Job Effectiveness – may be demonstrated by, but is not limited to:
1. Student course evaluations
2. Course/curriculum development
3. Integrating technology into the classroom
4. Uncompensated teaching

B. Service – may be demonstrated by, but is not limited to:
To the University:
1. Serving on institutional committees
2. Academic advising/counseling
3. Student recruitment
4. Sponsorship of student organizations
5. Engaging in student activities

To the Community:
1. Community service in area of expertise
2. Active membership/leadership in community organizations
3. Volunteerism

C. Professional Activity – may be demonstrated by, but is not limited to:
1. Publish/presentation/research/creative-artistic work
2. Continued academic growth through courses, workshops, professional
conferences, etc.
3. Active membership/leadership in professional organizations
4. Grant writing and/or implementation


Faculty evaluation is based upon a 100-point system. These points are allocated and will be awarded by the evaluator on the following basis:

1. Teaching/Job Effectiveness 50 Points
2. Service 20 Points
3. Professional Activity 20 Points
90 Points

4. Flexible Points 10 Points

Each academic year, a faculty member MUST ESTABLISH AND MEET OBJECTIVES IN ALL THREE CATEGORIES OF EVALUATION. A faculty member cannot be considered meritorious or satisfying tenure or promotion guidelines without having met criteria in all of the three categories of evaluation. Presentation and documentation of all achievements is the responsibility of the faculty member.

Department Chairs and faculty on sabbatical leaves or leaves of absence will not be evaluated for merit purposes under the Faculty Evaluation plan.

Each academic year, the Flexible points may be assigned by the faculty member in increments of five (5) to the categories of Service and/or Professional Activity. These Flex points may not be assigned to the Teaching/Job Effectiveness category. Flex points must be assigned at the time of the Initial Performance Planning Conference with the Department Chair, and the final designation of Flex points to an evaluation category is subject to the approval of the Chair.


A. Within guidelines stated above, each Department Chair meets with the Department to set the year’s merit/evaluation Performance Factors. Performance Factors must be established by Friday of the first week in September. Chair submits Performance Factors in writing to College/School Dean.

B. Dean reviews, modifies, and/or approves Departmental Performance Factors by Wednesday of the second week in September. Dean approves in writing to each Department Chair.

C. Faculty member will have Initial Performance Planning Conference with Chair by Friday of the last week of September.

D. Chair reviews and approves individual Faculty Performance Planning Documents by Friday of the first week in October. Chair submits approved Documents to Dean.

E. Faculty member submits Mid-Year Progress Report to Chair by Friday of the second week in January.

F. Faculty member will have Mid-Year Progress Evaluation Conference with Chair by Friday of the last week in January.

G. Faculty member submits Faculty Professional Activity Report (with detailed documentation) to Chair by Friday of the second week in April.

H. Department Chair conducts Annual Faculty Evaluation Conference with each faculty member at which time Chair provides faculty member with a preliminary Evaluation Summary Document listing the number of points received in each performance-factor category and narrative suggestions for improvement, if needed. Faculty evaluation by Chair must be completed by Friday of the first week of May. Chair submits completed evaluation to Dean.

I. Dean, in conference with the Chair, reviews and approves final evaluation – including eligibility for merit — of all faculty in the College/School by Friday of the third week in May. Any adjustments made in final evaluation are submitted to the faculty member, along with the merit level earned. Dean submits final evaluation to Provost. These final point scores will be used to determine faculty merit increment, if any.


1. The Faculty Performance Planning Document represents the official Faculty Performance Plan for an academic year (i.e., end of one AY to end of following AY), and it can not be unilaterally altered. The FPPD is not a contract, nor does it function as a single criterion for merit evaluation. The FPPD does, however, require that a faculty member establish and meet professional, Departmental, College/School, and University-wide goals.

2. Page 1 of the FPPD must be dated and signed by the faculty member, Chair, and Dean.

3. Page 1 of the FPPD requires documentation of mutually agreed upon plans for assignment of the Flex points. The Chair’s signature documents his/her approval of this assignment.

4. Page 2 of the FPPD is the responsibility of the faculty member. It represents his/her outline of planned objectives for the academic year. Information from page 2 will serve as the basis for the Initial Conference between the faculty member and the Chair. This meeting must be held by Friday of the last week in September.



Faculty Name: _____________________________________________________

Academic Rank: ___________________________________________________



Initial Performance Planning Conference Date:

Faculty Signature*: ____________________ Chair Signature:_______________

Mid-Year Progress Evaluation Conference Date: __________________

Faculty Signature: __________________ Chair Signature: ______________

Annual Faculty Evaluation Conference Date:

Faculty Signature: ___________________ Chair Signature: __________

*Based upon the Initial Performance Planning Conference and mutual agreement, Flexible points for
will be designated to
(Academic Year) (Evaluation Component(s))




Approve: Date: Signature:

Disapprove: Date: Signature:

If disapprove, specific reasons/recommendations:

Performance Factors: The faculty member should list definite items by which each area may be evaluated .


Teaching/Job Effectiveness:
(Do not list minimum activities.)
(Points: 50)





Service: (Includes 2 minimum activities)
(Points: 20)




Professional Activity: (Includes 2 minimum activities)
(Points: 20)





Flex Points
(Points: 10)


Changes in Performance Plan
(May be recorded any time during the appraisal period.)



Optional Additional Plans
(Where considered appropriate by Department Chair and faculty member.)