Policy Number: 215 Effective Date: 06/23/86
Policy Title: Student Evaluation of Faculty Revised: 05/01/06, 07/01/10
Approval Date: 06/23/86 President’s Signature: on file

Student evaluation of faculty shall be utilized for faculty evaluation and for the improvement of instruction. Summaries of the completed evaluations will go directly to the professor concerned, the respective department chair, the appropriate college/school dean, and the Provost.

Data files of the student evaluation of faculty will be maintained in the Office of the Provost.

The following guidelines are to be followed by each faculty member:

1. Assure that the envelope in which your course evaluation forms have been issued is marked with the course name, number and section information.
2. Set aside 15-30 minutes of a class period in the last three weeks of the semester for student evaluation of all of your courses. (Evaluations are to be conducted prior to final exam week.)
3. Announce to the class that course evaluations will be conducted in the time period you have allowed. Please be sure to make this announcement far enough in advance that all students will have reasonable advance knowledge of their opportunity to evaluate the course.
4. On the day of the evaluation, write your faculty name, course CRN number, subject, course number, course section number, and college/school on the board for use by the students.
5. On the day of the evaluation, select a responsible person (student, secretary, department chair, or college/school dean) to pass out the evaluation forms, read the evaluation instructions to the class, collect the completed forms, and return the forms to the Institutional Research and Assessment Office as soon as possible.
6. DO NOT REMAIN IN THE CLASS DURING EVALUATION. It will be the designated person’s responsibility to assure that the forms are completed, collected, and taken to the Institutional Research and Assessment Office.