Policy Number: 218 Effective Date: 10’07/86
Policy Title: Required Attendance Revised: 05/01/06, 07/01/10
Approval Date: 7 October 1986 President’s Signature:  on file

Occasions at which faculty attendance is required are: classes/laboratories/clinics (for the full scheduled time), office hours, official committees, university/college/school/department/program meetings, and commencement exercises. A faculty member may not unilaterally cancel, modify or change his/her office hours or classes/clinics/laboratories and/or their scheduled times or rooms.

Changing class meeting time or location:
Permanent changes in class meeting time or location must follow the established procedure for processing such changes.

Temporary changes in class meeting time or location may be made provided that the following conditions are met:
– The Department Chairperson (and departmental secretary) must be notified of the change.
– The change must be posted in a conspicuous place near the usual meeting room.
– Whenever possible, the students must be notified of the change in advance.

The Chairperson, or in his/her absence the appropriate Dean, has authority to excuse faculty from any duties for valid reasons. If at all possible, the faculty member is to notify the Chair in advance and in writing of any such absences. The appropriate Dean is to be advised by the Chair when faculty members are absent. Unusual requests for absence from duties require approval from the Chair, Dean, and the Provost.

The provisions listed in Policy Number 17, “Reporting Absences,” also apply under this Policy.