Policy Number: 224 Effective Date: 06/23/86
Policy Title: Leave of Absence Revised: 06/95; 05/01/06; 07/01/10
Approval Date: 23 June 1986 President’s Signature:  on file

Full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for unpaid leave of absence. Such application should be sent to the Provost far enough in advance to allow time for planning and obtaining a substitute. The request for a leave of absence should include the reasons for the leave, its duration, and any necessary special arrangements. Since the circumstances which necessitate leaves are quite varied, it has not appeared reasonable to establish specific criteria for evaluating requests for leaves of absence. Consequently, each request will be considered on its merit and need. Leaves of absence, when granted, will be unpaid leave, and a faculty member on unpaid leave of absence will not accrue years of experience while on such leave. However, faculty may continue certain fringe benefits by arranging to contribute to these while on unpaid leave, and faculty will be eligible for across-the-board increments to base salaries while on unpaid leave. To assure compliance with current state and University policies relating to unpaid leave, faculty are responsible to consult with the Human Resources Administrator prior to, and during, leave of absence. Faculty members contemplating a leave of absence are also referred to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission Series 38 – Employee Leave.