Policy Number: 225 Effective Date: 06/23/86
Policy Title: Termination of Position Because of
Reduction or Discontinuance of Program
Revised: 05/01/06
Approval Date: 23 June 1986 President’s Signature: on file

I. A faculty member’s appointment may be terminated because of the reduction or discontinuance of an existing program at the institution as a result of program review, in accordance with appropriate Policy Bulletins relating to review of academic programs, provided no other program or position requiring equivalent competency exists. If, within two years following the reduction or discontinuance of a program, a position becomes vacant for which the faculty member is qualified, the President shall make every effort to extend first refusal to the faculty member so terminated.

II. Institutional policy for accommodating major reduction in or discontinuance of an existing program shall be developed through a collaborative assessment by representatives of administration and faculty and shall be reported to the Board of Governors prior to implementation.

III. Notice of Non-retention due to program reduction or discontinuance: the President of the institution shall institute proceedings by giving a faculty member written notice of such non-retention by certified mail, return receipt requested.

IV. Answer and Service: within 30 days from the date of receipt of the non-retention notice, the terminated faculty member may file an appeal with the President which shall be heard by the institutional Hearing Committee, in accordance with Section 13 of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission Series 9.

V. The dates of formal notification for tenured and probationary faculty shall be those specified in Section 10 of Series 9.