Policy Number: 231 Effective Date: 06/23/86
Policy Title: Examinations Revised: 05/01/06; 07/01/10
Approval Date: 23 June 1986 President’s Signature:  on file

A final examination period is scheduled at the end of each semester. This final examination schedule is provided for the consultation of both faculty and students and allows for advanced planning by everyone involved. Consequently, it is imperative that faculty have final examinations at the scheduled place, date and time.

Any deviation from the published final examination schedule requires the written approval of the Department Chairperson. If such a change is approved, the offices of the College/School Dean and the Provost should be notified in order that these offices can correctly respond to student inquiries.

With the exception of laboratory exams, no other tests, quizzes, and/or final exams are to be given the week prior to final exam week.