Policy Number: 247 Effective Date: 07/01/98
Policy Title: Syllabus Policy Revised: 05/01/06, 07/01/10, 03/06/12
Approval Date: 07/01/98 President’s Signature: on file

A WLU Faculty member is required to produce a course syllabus for each course in which he/she is the instructor of record. After having created this document, with review and approval by the Department Chair and/or Dean as determined by the College or School, Faculty must:

1. Make available through the Learning Management System, no later than the first class meeting,the syllabus which will be used to direct the presentation of the course. The syllabus may also be distributed to students by other methods at the discretion of the faculty member.

2. Present an electronic copy of the syllabus, by the third class meeting, to the appropriate Academic Department Office. Each College will establish procedures for their storage.

A WLU Faculty member is required, at the minimum, to include.the following in each course syllabus that he/she prepares:

A. Course Title, Term, Section and Instructor’s Name
B. Course Catalog Description
C. Course Objective(s) and Student Learning Outcome(s) as well as Program Goal(s) and Program Student Learning Outcome(s) addressed by the course for all programs in which the course is either required or a restricted elective, including the General Studies Program. Department Chairs will coordinate standardization of this information for courses with multiple instructors and of its format within their departments.
D. Required Text(s) or other Materials
E. Attendance Policy
F. Grading and, if applicable, Assessment Methods used
G. Instructor Contact Information
H. Course Outline/Assignment Schedule
I. Office Hours
J. Statement of ADA accommodations available through the Center for Student Success
K. Testing dates
L. Reference to WLU Honesty Policy

A WLU Faculty member, at his or her option, may include more material than that listed above.Information which may be considered for syllabus inclusion, but which is not required may i~clude:

A. Suggested Bibliography for Course
B. Acknowledgement of receipt statement by student