Procedure Number: 102 Effective Date: 08/01/82
Title: Probationary Period and Performance Review Revised: 07/01/97; 03/15/05
Approval Date: 04/19/06 President’s Signature: on file


The University reviews the work performance of all staff employees after initial hiring and on an annual basis thereafter, using the following procedure.  The goal of all performance reviews is to further the development of the employee and to focus upon achieving the goals of the particular department.


I. For newly hired individuals a “probationary period” of six (6) months shall be required.  This “working test period” allows the Department Head and the new employee to determine the advisability of regular employment continuation.  The Department Head shall utilize this period of time to:

A. Assist the new employee in adjusting quickly and efficiently to the work situation, and,
B. Observe the quality and quantity of his/her work in relation to the standards required of the job.

II. At the conclusion of the first three (3) months of employment, the Supervisor / Department Head will evaluate the performance of the new employee (see performance appraisal form attached).  This evaluation will be done on a form provided by the Human Resources Department and will be reviewed with the employee.  The purpose of this evaluation is to help the employee identify areas of job performance that need to be improved prior to the evaluation that will be done at the end of the probationary period.  This initial evaluation will become a part of the personnel file of the new staff member.

III. Should it be determined during a probationary period that it is inadvisable for the employee to continue in the position, the Human Resources Department should be contacted to determine the advisability of a transfer to other work which may be more suitable to the individual.  The advisability of job performance counseling for retention or release shall also be discussed.

IV. Immediately prior to the completion of the six (6) month probationary period, the Human Resources Department shall notify the Department Head/Supervisor that said period is coming to a close.  The Department Head/Supervisor shall notify the Human Resources Department on a form provided (see attached) of the evaluation of the overall work performance of the employee.  This evaluation will become part of the employee’s official personnel file – if he/she is thereafter retained in employment.

V. The Supervisor / Department Head shall take all opportunities to discuss the evaluation report with the new staff member, giving notice or counsel regarding work progress and providing any suggestions concerning possible areas of work improvement, as well as any warranted commendations for work well done.

VI. Annual performance reviews for staff not in a “probationary status” shall be the responsibility of the staff member’s immediate supervisor.  The supervisor shall schedule the review with the employee during working hours for the purpose of discussing the performance review process, having necessary forms completed, and actually conducting the review meeting with the employee.  The goal and tone of the review is to be developmental in nature and not punitive. Effective reviews will not occur without feedback and communication between all parties involved in the review.

A. Each supervisor and employee are to set mutually agreeable work related goals for the employee to achieve during the subsequent or “new” review period.

B. Performance goals established for each employee should reflect development of the employee’s necessary job skills and also relate to the overall departmental or unit strategic goals.

VII. The performance review process and form are subject to continuing review in order to maintain their relevancy to the University’s operating needs and to ensure the process is beneficial to the employee and supervisor.