Procedure Number: 104 Effective Date: 08/01/79
Title: Separation from Employment Revised: 07/01/97; 03/15/05
Approval Date: 04/19/06 President’s Signature: on file

The following Procedure outlines the general procedures by which employment at the University may be terminated.


An employee who resigns or retires is expected to give adequate notice to his/her Supervisor or Department Head.  This notice should be given as far in advance as possible. One pay period in advance of the date the employee contemplates leaving the University’s employ is considered a minimum requirement.

If any employee’s performance of duty or personal conduct is unsatisfactory because of conduct, failure, neglect, or unwillingness to perform assigned duties, appropriate action with regard to involuntary separation from the University will be taken.  Depending upon the facts of the individual case, separation from employment may be initiated for a variety of reasons which include, but are not limited to:

1. An employee who demonstrates inability to perform their job in a satisfactory manner, is excessively absent from the job without adequate justification, or exhibits lack of interest, carelessness, or other traits resulting in failing to meet the standards of the job as established for the position, may be separated from employment.

2. Whenever possible, an employee who has satisfactorily completed a probationary period should be given the benefit of two weeks advance notice by the University that employment will not continue.

1. An employee who exhibits conduct of a manner or form that reflects unfavorably upon the reputation of the University, the department, and the employee will be subject to immediate discharge, without advance notice and without further pay, for such causes, but not limited to the following:

 Dishonesty, theft, and/or destruction of property
 Drinking, drunkenness, or substance abuse on premises
 Gambling on University property
 Destructive negligence
 Falsification of employment application or official record
 Insubordination
 Imperiling safety of fellow employees
 Reporting time falsely
 Unauthorized absence from duty
 Willful gross violation of rules

2. For certain misconduct not warranting discharge, an employee may be subject to a progressive disciplinary process.  The particular disciplinary action considered shall be commensurate with the offense committed and determined by the Human Resources Department and the employee’s immediate supervisor.

3. All involuntary separations are subject to the prior approval and review of the Executive Director of Human Resources, such review to include Affirmative Action/EEO considerations and possible consequences.


All reduction-in-force shall be carried out in compliance with WV State law and applicable HEPC and Institutional Procedure statements relevant thereto.


If terminal annual leave is taken, the date of separation is the last day for which the employee is on the payroll.  Leave benefits are not accrued during a terminal leave period. In cases where no leave is taken, the date of separation shall be the date of notification to the University or the date of the employment action.