Procedure Number: 204-B Effective Date: 06/29/99
Title: Program Director/Job Description Revised: 07/01/2010
Approval Date: 04/19/06 President’s Signature: on file


A Program Director at West Liberty University is appointed to a ten-month contract on an annual basis by the President of the University with the assistance and recommendations of the Department Chair, College/School Dean and Provost. Faculty evaluations of an incumbent Program Director are also factored into the appointment process.

Program Directors serve at the will and pleasure of the President and report directly to their Chair. Program Directors must undergo annual evaluation by the Program Faculty, Chair, and Dean, and are reviewed by the Provost. Should a Program Director position be vacated for any reason before completion of the appointed annual term, the President, in conjunction with the Chair, Dean and Provost, may appoint an Interim Program Director. There is no limit to the number of sequential appointments a person may hold as a Program Director. A Program Director will only be appointed to an academic Program that undergoes a national accreditation review and that must fulfill such accreditation standards in order to be viable.


A candidate for the position of Program Director must hold full-time faculty status and at least the rank of assistant professor at the time of appointment. He/she need not be tenured or tenure-track in order to hold this appointment. A Program Director is expected to hold graduate degree(s) in, or closely related to, the program area(s) to be directed. A minimum of five (5) years of professionally-related experience is required of a candidate for Program Director. Exceptions to any of the qualifications for Program Director may be granted only by the written approval of the Chair, Dean, Provost, and the President.


A Program Director is responsible for most administrative functions for the Program to which he/she is appointed under the direction of the respective Department Chair. These duties may include, but are not limited to:
1. Serve as a liaison among the faculty and students of the Program, the faculty, and the University administration.
2. Assess and maintain physical facilities of the Program, including equipment, supplies, and space. Report, to the appropriate university official, maintenance or service required when necessary.

3. Develop, with program faculty input, an annual budget for the Program.
4. Coordinate the expenditure of Program funds.
5. Participate with the Department Chair when writing Program position descriptions.
6. Chair the activities of Program search committees in relation to evaluations of applicants.
7. Formulate and communicate to the Department Chair recommendations for hiring, retention, promotion, tenure, evaluation, merit pay, or discipline of Program faculty.
8. Coordinate teaching assignments within the Program and communicate Program course schedule(s) to the Department Chair.
9. Coordinate accreditation, program review, or assessment activities required for the Program.
10. Participate in due process required for faculty, staff, and students as described in University policies or procedures.
11. Facilitate recruitment of faculty and students for the Programs within the department.
12. Maintain Program records.
13. Initiate curriculum changes and other activities to maintain a high quality academic Program.
14. Develop University catalog Program descriptions.
15. Hold Program meetings and maintain minutes of these meetings.
16. Coordinate the academic advising of students of the Program.
17. Maintain current course syllabi for the Program.
18. Interpret University policies and procedures as well as policies and procedures of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.
19. Perform special assignments as delegated by Department Chair, Dean, Provost, or President of the University.