Procedure Number: 208 Effective Date: 02/06/86
Title: Protocol for Full-Time Faculty Hiring Revised: 01/14/98, 07/01/10
Approval Date: 23 June 1986, 04/19/06 President’s Signature: on file

This policy provides the guidelines to follow in the hiring of full time and full time temporary faculty. Additional information about adjunct faculty can be found in the WLU Policy #248 Adjunct Faculty.

1. The Unit Head will complete a “Requisition for Employment” form, which is available from the WLU Office of Human Resources. The form will be forwarded to the College/School Dean for consideration.

2. The Dean will consider the need, funding, existence of an approved faculty vacancy, College/School/Department planning, etc. and will forward the form with a recommendation to approve or deny to the Provost.

3. The Provost will consider the request in context of University plans and fiscal capabilities and will forward the form to the President with his/her recommendation.

4. The President will formally notify the Provost of his/her decision. The Provost will notify the Dean to commence the search or that the request has been denied.

5. If the request is approved, the unit head will write position specifications in consultation with the academic department or area in which the new faculty member will teach. This position description will be forwarded to the Human Resources Office.

6. The Human Resources Office will distribute formal position announcements in compliance with West Liberty University policies, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission policies, and Affirmative Action/EEO policies. It will be the responsibility of the Human Resources Office to assure that these policies are properly applied and to retain records of the search and hire process.

7. Incoming applications will be directed to the WLU Office of Human Resources, which will acknowledge receipt of all applications.

8. A screening committee will be established from faculty members in the unit. The committee will, at minimum, consist of two (2) faculty, the department chair, and the college/school dean. In the event there are fewer than two faculty in the unit, the requisite number of faculty committee members may be selected from the hiring school by the department chair.

9. The screening committee will develop specific, written criteria and questions for candidate screening and interview. Copies of these criteria will be provided to the Human Resources Office.

10. The screening committee will select, based upon its written criteria, those candidates who will be offered an interview. It will be the goal to interview no fewer than two (2) candidates; if only a single candidate is recommended by the screening committee, this must be justified in writing by the committee and approved in writing by the department chair and dean.

11. The Office of Human Resources will schedule interviews for the selected candidates, will collect the interview screening forms, and make the screening form data available to the committee. Human Resources will participate in interviews as an observer and non-voting member of the interview committee.

12. Upon the recommendation of the committee, the department chair, and the dean, the Provost and Vice Provost will interview the finalist.

13. The Provost, in consultation with the College/School Dean and Department Chair, will recommend a salary to the President of the University. The candidate may not be informed of salary information until the President has approved the proposed salary.

14. If the President concurs with the hiring recommendation and the salary recommendation, the Human Resources Office, the Provost or designee may contact the candidate to offer the appointment; this will be followed by a formal offer letter from the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office must provide a copy of this letter and confirmation that the offer has been accepted to the Provost.

15. The Office of Human Resources will notify all other candidates that the search has been concluded when the position has been filled.