Procedure Number: 213 Effective Date: 06/23/86
Title: Required Documents and Forms Revised: 07/01/10
Approval Date: 23 June 1986, 04/19/06 President’s Signature: on file

The documents listed below are required for each professionally educated person employed by West Liberty University:

1. Official transcript for all college and university study (to be official, a transcript must be sent directly from the Registrar’s Office to the Provost Office of West Liberty University). These transcripts should certify degrees awarded and all courses applied toward the degrees. Transcripts remain the property of the University.

2. A curriculum vita including a record of all full time remunerative employment, a publication record (or information indicating – no publications), and a listing of membership in educational/professional associations and learned societies at all levels: regional, state, national, and international.

All documents and data listed above should be on file in the Provost’s Office prior to the first day of employment; if requested, an extension of time may be granted to the end of the first month of employment if there is difficulty obtaining any of the required material.

The following items are to be supplied to the Human Resources Office not later than the first week of employment:
1. Social Security Number.
2. Personnel employment forms (obtainable at the Human Resources Office).
3. Optional enrollment in various fringe benefit plans.
4. I-9 Form (obtainable at the Human Resources Office).