Procedure Number: 39 Effective Date: 07/01/97
Title: Campus Housing Revised: 08/01/09
Approval Date: 08/01/09 President’s Signature: on file


The purpose of this procedure is to provide a plan for maintaining campus housing facilities and providing guidelines governing the operation of campus housing.This procedure enables the University to apply operating procedures for the housing units fairly and uniformly and to ensure an orderly and well-maintained complex.Application of the procedure will be monitored by the Executive Vice President/CFO.The President of the University will have the ultimate executive responsibility for the operation of campus housing.


Applications for campus housing are available in the Business Office located in the West Wing of Main Hall. Completed applications are to be returned to that office where they will be reviewed and, if properly completed, recorded by the date and item received.

All matters, including exceptions to the procedure, that are related to campus housing will be reviewed by the Executive Vice President/CFO and/or his designee(s).


The Chief of Operations and/or his designee is responsible for the maintenance of campus housing.

Responsibilities include:

1. Inspection of houses prior to leasing
2. Inspection of houses upon termination of the lease.
3. Establishment of procedures for receiving, authorizing, and monitoring work orders for requested and emergency repairs.


With the exception of outbuildings and satellite dishes already in existence as of August 1, 2009, there are to be no new outbuildings, fences, decks, or other appurtenances erected or moved on the property without the prior written consent of the Executive Vice President/CFO; there are to be no large satellite dishes. Residents may not paint, stain, or otherwise treat walls, floors, etc. of rental units without prior written consent.


Generally, the policy with regard to pet ownership is as follows:

1. Tenants must adhere to all applicable state and local ordinances pertaining to pets (e.g. appropriate licensing and vaccinations).

2. Pets shall not be permitted to run at large. They must be leashed or tethered or secured in an enclosed area so as not to be a nuisance or to endanger residents, guests, etc.

3. Any police, campus police, or humane officer may seize any pet found in violation of the campus housing procedure. Tenants must assume responsibility for their animals and maintain these animals under control or direct supervision at all times. Tenants are not to allow their animals to roam free throughout the campus.

4. Complaints or concerns regarding pets shall be referred first to the Campus Safety Office. Continued violations shall be referred to the Executive Vice President/CFO.

5. Repeated violation of the pet policy may result in lease termination and eviction.


Rental rates are subject to change during the fiscal year.


Employees who reside in campus housing prior to the effective date of this housing procedure and do so continuously until retirement will be given the opportunity to rent campus housing thereafter for one year. Those employees who initially rent campus housing after the effective date of the housing procedure will be given the opportunity to continue to rent campus housing for a maximum of one year following retirement. Following the death of a retired employee, the surviving spouse will be given the opportunity to continue to rent campus housing for a one-year period.


Campus housing residency will terminate no more than sixty (60) days following resignation or termination of employment.


Those tenants, including non-employees, living in campus housing at the time of the effective date of this housing procedure will be given the opportunity to continue to rent said housing. In the future, campus housing will be restricted to employees of the University.


The campus rental units may be used for residential purposes only and may not be subleased by the tenant or used for any commercial or unlawful purpose. It is the responsibility of each tenant to maintain the rental unit in a state of repair and condition at least equivalent to that which existed at the time of the initial occupancy by the tenant. It is the responsibility of the tenant to provide reasonable and routine care of the facility, including lawns, flower beds, gardens, and snow removal. Each tenant is required to keep the premises clean and free of debris, junked vehicles, and trash. It is the tenant’s responsibility to respect the rights of neighbors and not to use the rental unit in a manner that is noisy or offensive to other occupants of the campus housing complex. Failure to comply with the provisions of the housing procedure may result in eviction from therental unit. The tenant will be required to pay for any damages (material and labor) caused by the misuse or carelessness at the current commercial rate.


Parking in campus housing is limited to passenger cars, light pick-up trucks, and other conventional passenger vehicles. This excludes trailers, mobile homes, heavy trucks, etc. Vehicles may not be parked on lawns.


No tenant shall modify or add to the rental property without the written approval of the Executive Vice President/CFO. Request for modifications or additions must be submitted in writing 30 days in advance of the intended start date (to allow reasonable time for consideration). The cost for any modifications or additions shall be borne by the tenant and shall not be reimbursed. Such changes become the permanent property of the University; at its discretion, the University may require the tenant to remove such changes at lease end. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in eviction.


When property is determined by the University to be in a state of poor condition such as might not seem practical to bear the cost of making repair or renovation or for other discretionary reasons, then the University may elect to have the property demolished. In such case, the tenant will be given a written notice that their lease is to be terminated as of a specified date. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the term “reasonable notice” shall be construed to mean 60 days. If the University has been notified for health or other reasons by a public authority that the property must be demolished within a shorter time period, then that time limit will take precedence.


All tenants are required to purchase one campus parking permit (hangtag) which will be included in the monthly rental fee. This fee cannot be waived.


All tenants are required to pay the cable/internet fee which will be included in the monthly rental fee. This fee cannot be waived.