Committee: Melinda Kreisberg; Jeremy Larance; Aron Massey; Ryan McCullough; Mark Pissos; Paula Tomasik; Traci Tuttle, Chair; and Matthew Zdilla

Mission Statement: the General Studies Program at West Liberty University promotes student success by providing undergraduates with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful graduates, critical thinkers, and life-long learners. While all programs have their own objectives, the General Studies Program represents the core foundation upon which all academic programs and the following Student Learning Outcomes are built.

 General Studies Student Learning Outcomes:

Communication: Upon completion of the General Studies Program at WLU, students will be able to communicate effectively with clarity, coherence, and persuasiveness.

Problem Solving: Upon completion of the General Studies Program at WLU, students will be able to apply appropriate concepts and methods to analyze, evaluate, and interpret problems before implementing a suitable strategy.

Cultural Awareness: Upon completion of the General Studies Program at WLU, students will have a richer understanding of the human condition through investigation, appreciation, and evaluation of the aesthetic, historical, philosophical and literary dimensions of a variety of cultures.

West Liberty has developed rubrics for the assessment of general studies, and these rubrics are implemented into the University Assessment Data Management System, LiveText.  Initial data is collected, and the process is on-going.

General Studies Rubrics:   Writing Global Oral Com