Comcast Network

West Liberty University is in a partnership with Comcast, Inc. to increase and improve cable and Internet access for our campus residents.

Installed in each residence room are a wired SMC cable modem with 4 data ports and one connection for a TV.  Comcast’s service offers our students a minimum of 6 Mbps download speeds and 768 Kbps upload speeds.

The minimum system requirements needed to run the Comcast High-Speed Internet Service are as follows:

PC Based Computers
Operating Systems:  Windows 2000, XP
Processor Speed:  300 MHz or Higher
Memory:  128MB
Hard Drive Space:  150 MB of available space
CD-ROM Drive:  Required
USB Port:  Recommened
Browser: IE 6.0 SP1

Macintosh Based Computers
Operating Systems:  MAC OS 9.0 thru 10.3 excluding 10.0MLS
Processor Speed:  PowerPC 603/200 MHz for MAC OS 9.x, Power MAC G3 for MAC OS 10.x
Memory:  128MB
Hard Drive Space:  100 MB of available hard drive space
CD-ROM Drive:  Required
USB Port:  Optional
Browser: IE 5.0

Technical Support is available from Comcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For Digital Television concerns call 1-800-824-4029.  For student internet issues call 1-888-231-4526.

Every user on the Comcast service is required to read and be familiar with the Comcast Acceptable Use Policy and Subscriber Agreement.  Please check out the links below for more information about the Comcast Cable Modem service.

Comcast Acceptable Use Policy
Subscriber Agreement