Laptop Program FAQ

There will be changes to the program for the Fall of 2015. If you are wanting information regarding the fall semester and beyond, email [email protected]


General Questions:

Are there any additional fees?
Students who do not have the Pell grant are to be charged a 1 time fee of $200.
Any student who currently has the Pell grant will receive an iPad or Laptop at no charge.

Who is eligible for the program?
First-time, full-time freshmen registered for 12 or more hours are eligible for the program. First time freshmen participating in the 3 year program, and Advanced Academy also qualify.

What options are available?

Below is the recommendations from each College
College of Arts and Communication
College of Education
College of Liberal Arts
College of Sciences
Gary E. West College of Business
School of Professional Studies

Who is required to sign up for the program?

All students are not required to sign up, but the following majors are required to be prepared for their academic workload.

  • College of Business majors
  • Education majors
  • Communication and Graphic Design majors (if the student does not already own an iPad)


What is the value of having a university laptop?
As a student you are not only receiving a laptop, you are receiving a piece of equipment to help you succeed in your career. Also, you will have support from the university for your technology needs. As a parent, you will not have to worry about your child’s technology needs; the university is taking on that responsibility.

What type of laptop will I receive?
It varies from each year, students will receive a Windows-based notebook with a 15-inch or larger screen.

What type of iPad will I receive?
Students signing up for an iPad will receive an iPad Retina.

Do I need to purchase additional software?
The computers will have productivity software and antivirus software installed before being distributed to the students.  After receiving the laptop and your email address you can connect to Microsoft Office  Live 365 at no cost.

What accessories should I purchase?
Although not required, the university highly recommends an accessory package that includes a carrying case, security lock, surge suppressor, flash drive, and insurance (homeowner’s or renter’s rider).   Additional recommended items include a USB mouse, blank DVD/CD discs, a color printer, paper, print cartridges, USB cable, and a wireless router for the dorm room.  Some of these items are available on campus through the WLU book store.  Please call the book store at 1(304)336-8211 to check availability of items.  The university highly recommends students receiving the iPad2 purchase an accessory package that includes screen protectors, a case, a dock, a keyboard, and insurance (homeowner’s or renter’s rider).

Do I own the equipment I receive from the laptop program?
The university owns the hardware component. You do vest interest in it as you attend continuous full-time (12 hours or more) sessions here at WLU. At the end of your first academic year you will own the hardware. At that time the one year warranty will expire and you will be responsible for care and maintenance of it.

Where do go if I have a software or hardware problem?
The Laptop Support Center is located in the East Wing of Main Hall, Room B-39.  Your equipment is university property and you will receive priority service.  Hours of operation for the Laptop Support Center are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

What happens when or if I register for fewer than 12 semester hours?
You must turn your equipment into the Laptop Support Center between the hours of 8 .m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you do not return the equipment, you will be billed the prorated value for it.

What happens if I leave before the one semester is completed?
You have two choices.

  • You must notify IT services of your intent to keep the laptop or iPad, and we will notify the Business Office to charge your account for the amount of the laptop. Or;
  • You must turn your equipment into the Laptop Support Center between the hours of 8 .m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you do not return the equipment, you will be billed for it. You have 10 business days to return the laptop to IT services of fully withdrawing from the university. If you fail to return the laptop within 10 business days, an additional $100 fee will be added on top of the cost of the laptop/iPad.



Apple IPad FAQ:

What sort of coverage do I have for my IPad?
Apple covers any manufacturer defects that affects the IPad straight out of the box. If it arrives with a faulty power cord and won’t charge, or doesn’t even start at all, Apple will replace the parts needed for you.

What do I do about updating it throughout the year?
You are responsible for all software updates on the IPad. Your professor will tell you which apps you will need.

How long does the warranty last?
It is a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

I’ve lost my IPad! Now what?
If you’ve installed the “Find my iPhone” app, it will also find your iPad. Using that app should pinpoint where your iPad has gone.

My screen broke. Am I covered?
Unfortunately not. The cracked screen would fall under accidental damage, and is not covered by the warranty.

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