Welcome to IT Services

James Clark, CTO
Jim Clark
Chief Technology Officer

West Liberty University Information Technology Services provides computing and telecommunication services and support for the West Liberty University campus.  We are committed to providing our users with the most current and evolving twenty-first century technologies and technological support.

WLU is thrilled to offer our incoming students the opportunity to benefit from a unique program that will enrich their educational experience by participating in the West Liberty Student Laptop Program.

First time freshmen will be provided a laptop, or an iPad, depending on their respective academic program of study.

The Student Laptop Program is driven by West Liberty’s educational innovation.  This program empowers our students to be the navigators of their own knowledge – collaborating, researching, and communicating anytime, anywhere.

West Liberty is also pleased to announce a relationship with Comcast to provide High Speed Internet access and Digital Television via a Cable Modem solution to our on-campus residence halls, including the newly-acquired University Place, and our student and faculty housing users.  This remarkable alliance offers our students greater convenience and bandwidth!

Comcast service offers our students an improved download speed of 12 Mbps and an upload speed of 2 Mbps.  This will vastly improve education and entertainment opportunities.

WLU is proud to say that in the state of West Virginia, no other public baccalaureate college or university currently working with Comast provides this service to their students.

Equally essential is our partnership with Google to utilize Google Apps for Education.  Our students, faculty, and staff can collaborate over e-mail, calendaring, sites, and documents all in one interface.  Google Apps bring many benefits to West Liberty including high standards for safety and security, enhanced spam filtering, and an astounding twenty-five (25) gigabyte storage quota per email account.

As knowledge, information, and technology morph, the boundaries of a traditional academic library and a computer center blur.  As a result, the Information Commons has evolved.  It has grown out of a shared vision for a technology-enabled student learning and information space and is located in the Paul N Elbin Library.

Instituted as another way to ensure the safety of West Liberty students, TopperNet is a text message notification system that will notify the university community in case of an emergency.  Key information signifying impending danger and precautionary methods is sent in a mass text message alerting those on the hilltop and elsewhere.

This service is free to all students who register their phone numbers and cell phone carriers.  Only select members of the West Liberty University administration will have access to the information and be able to issue an alert.

All of these exceptional opportunities prepare our students for living and learning in the 21st- Century!