1. Goto the Google Play or iTunes store. Search for and download the Ebscohost app on your cell.
2. Install the App

3. At a computer, access the Elbin Library website.
4. Mouseover the Research menu option.
5. Click the Databases link.
6. Click the Academic Search Complete link.
7. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
8. Click the iPhones and Android Apps link.
9. You’ll be prompted to input an email address.


You’ll be sending a validation message to your cell phone … the input here is NOT your West Liberty email address … it’s the address where you get email on your cell.
For example, if your send and receive email from comcast, your comcast email address is what you input in step 7.

10. Get the email from you cell.
11. Open the message from ‘[email protected]
12. Click on Validation Key.

The App will validate on your cell and EbscoHost mobile will load when the validation process completes.