Fall 2010 Visitation Days

The Admissions Office has scheduled several visitation days for Fall 2010. To make a reservation for one of the programs listed below, please register online now or call the Admissions Office at … Read More

Fall 2011 Invoices

Invoices will be emailed via WLU student email account, by August 3, 2011 for those registered on/before this date,  For those registered after this date, please check your WLU student email account … Read More

Online Payments

Effective July 13, 2010,  online payments or phone payments on student accounts will no longer incur a $20 convenience fee; if any problem arises in this regard, please call the Business Office at … Read More

Suspicious Weapons

Suspicious Weapons 1.  Remain Calm 2. Do not draw attention to the weapons 3. Get help.  Contact Campus Police (*8021 or 9-911) 4. Do not agitate the potential attacker 5. Do not handle the weapon … Read More

Black and Gold Day

Black and Gold Day - Saturday, April 24 Black and Gold Visitation Day program will be held on Saturday April 24, 2010.  This program will allow prospective students to learn more about admissions, … Read More