STEP ONEFill out the transcript request form.  Use the link below.

STEP TWOPayment for requested transcript must be made prior to processing.  Secure on-line payments using a credit card can be made using the link below.

There are three primary ways to request a transcript – in person, through the mail, or via fax.  We cannot accept requests via e-mail or over the phone.  Either mail, stop by, or fax us at 304-336-8220 with the following information in a letter or on a Transcript Request Form ;Your name (please note if there has been a change due to marital status, etc.), social security number, date of birth, YOUR address, phone #, address where transcripts should be sent, and whether you are requesting official or unofficial copies*.

YOU CAN MAKE YOUR TRANSCRIPT PAYMENT ONLINE ACH (electronic check ), credit or debit card can be used.  If you do not have a student ID# available please enter social security number on the form.  PLEASE NOTE:  You must fill out and submit a TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM before making the online payment.  EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2015: ALL CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL BE ASSESSED A NON-REFUNDABLE 2.5% SERVICE FEE.  THERE WILL BE NO FEE FOR PAYING WITH AN ELECTRONIC CHECK.

A scanned, emailed request is acceptable and can be emailed to [email protected] Official transcripts are $7.00 each  and payment is due upon request.  Priority same day requests are $25. The request will be processed within 24 hours and sent in U.S. Regular Mail .  If you contact us via fax, you need to use the new Transcript Payment Online link above and make notation on your transcript request that you paid online .  If you choose to submit a request via mail, please enclose payment with the request.   Checks should be made payable to West Liberty University.  Mail requests to:

Registrar’s Office
West Liberty University
208 University Drive
College Union Box 145
West Liberty, WV 26074>

It takes approximately seven business days from the receipt of the request to process a transcript request.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at 304-336-8007

West Liberty University can transmit transcripts electronically.  If you wish to have your transcript transmitted electronically, please indicate on the request.

*An official transcript is printed on security paper, imprinted with the University Seal, and signed by the registrar.  These are typically needed to verify degree and/or education for employers, colleges and universities, or any other agency that requires a certified record.

An unofficial transcript contains the same information as an official transcript, however it is printed on plain white paper and does not contain any signatures or certifications.