Listed below are several documents and forms you may need for various areas of housing and residence life:

Residence Life Handbook  including information on policy, residence hall facilities and staff.

Current Student Application (Fall 2015 room selection will begin on April 6th, more information is available online or at the Housing Office in Rogers Hall)

Meal Plan Change Form Requests to change meal plans must be completed before the end of the second week of the semester.  For the fall 2014, meal plan changes must be submitted prior to September 8, 2014.  All residential students must purchase a full meal plan (19/14/10 meals per week).  The only exception are those students who are residing in University Place Apartments, who may choose the 5-meal plan.  Students may select their meal plan from the following options (all full meal plans are the same cost):

  • 19 meals per week and $100 Sodexo Dollars;
  • 14 meals per week and $200 Sodexo Dollars;
  • 10 meals per week and $300 Sodexo Dollars
  • 5 meals per week and $100 Sodexo Dollars (only available to University Place residents)

Extended Stay Request Please complete if you are requesting to stay in the residence halls after they officially close before any break (Winter Break, Spring Break or May Commencement)  Extended Stay Requests are always due one week prior to the official closing date.

Room Cancellation and Request for Refund of Deposit To receive a refund of the housing deposit, cancellation requests must be completed before the given deadlines (June 30th for fall applications and December 15th for spring applications).  Any student that wishes to be released from the housing contract early (in the middle of the academic year or during a semester), must complete a request to the Residence Life Review Board (listed below).  Students who wish to terminate their housing contract at mid-year only, have the option to pay the Early Termination Fee, and complete the form listed below.

Request to the Residence Life Review Board to be released from the housing contract early.

Termination of Contract Fee Agreement Termination of Contract fees and agreements can only be completed between the fall and spring semester. Any request to be released from the Housing Contract after the start of either semester must be submitted to the Residence Life Review Board the form listed above.

American Ambassador Application Any upper-class student is eligible for this program to act as a resource, roommate, and mentor to an exchange student.

Single Room Agreement

Specialty or Themed Housing Application Applications will be accepted for fall selection in mid-March, look for more information at that time throughout the residence halls. Specialty and Themed Housing currently includes Commons Apartments, University Place Apartments, the Education House, the Nursing House, the Dental Hygiene House, the International Student House, the Phi Delta Theta House and the Chi Omega House)

Request for Confirmation of On-Campus Residence  Typically requested for requirements for the Department of Motor Vehicles in obtaining identification.  Please allow at least 24 hours for letter to be completed.

Summer Conference Assistant Application

Suggested Packing List for Residence Hall Living

Beta Hall Room Dimensions

Bonar Hall Room Dimensions

Boyd Hall Room Dimensions

Curtis Hall Room Dimensions

Hughes Hall Room Dimensions

Krise Hall Room Dimensions

Rogers Hall Room Dimensions