Topperfest 2014 buttonThis year’s Topperfest is two-week extravaganza of events designed to welcome students to West Liberty University and get them acclimated to campus through both informative and entertaining events. This year’s theme is “Back to the Future” with events and activities planned around the great 80’s film.  These events give new students the chance to interact with each other and jump-start the friendships that will last a lifetime.  Topperfest will begin at 4pm on August 22, 2014 with the New Student Convocation.

Listed below are some frequently asked questions about Topperfest.  If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Housing & Student Life at (304) 336-8345 or [email protected].  For a detailed description of Topperfest events, please see the information listed below.  We also have a printable schedule available for Topperfest 2014.


Q: What if I do not attend Topperfest?

A: WLU strongly encourages everyone to attend Topperfest.  Free gifts, free food, prizes, and most importantly you are granted to chance to meet the people you will be in close contact with for the next four years.  These events are designed to not only promote fun and excitement but to also promote lasting relationships between students, faculty, and staff.


Q: Who can attend Topperfest?

A: All new students are welcome and encouraged to attend as many Topperfest events as possible.  This includes transfer students, first year students, residential and commuter students?


Q: With all this excitement going on, when will I be able to figure out where my classes are?

A:  Resident Assistants (RAs) wearing staff shirts will be available to give campus tours.  Bring your class schedule and an RA will walk you to each of your class rooms to help get you ready for your first day of class.  If you are not a residential student, please come to the Office of Housing & Student Life in Rogers Hall and staff will arrange an RA to give you a tour of your classes.



Q: I know that I already receive basic cable, but what if I want Premium Channels as well?

A: You can visit one of the various Comcast tables (see schedule for location) and speak with a Comcast representative.


Q. How do I get my West Liberty sponsored Laptop?

A: Distribution of all University laptops will be in the Library from 10am to 2 p.m.on Sunday, Aug. 24.


Q: What events should I look forward to?

New Student Convocation - This is your first step as a Hilltopper.  Gather with the class of 2016 and be welcomed to the campus by various administrators, sign the Class of 2018 Book, meet and greet with fellow students in your major, and introduce yourself to the Deans of your academic college.

Black Light Dance – Free giveaways, freshman only, professional DJ, what more could you ask for?

New Student Assembly  – Much like the New Student Convocation, you will be granted the ability to meet and greet fellow students but you will also hear from members of the Enrollment and Student Services Division who will welcome you to campus, enlighten you on campus policies, and give you a general idea of the role they will play during your time at West Liberty.

Battle of the Buildings – Tradition stands tall in this relay of epic proportions where each Residence Hall is represented by its residents that join forces to battle against other building for the right to be called West Liberty’s best!  (in short…buildings compete for bragging rights in relay-styled events).  We welcome commuters and residential students to this event, so come join us and get a free t-shirt!

80’s Theme Dinner and Make Your Own Spin Glasses - Come eat a delicious meal in an 80’s setting, and enjoy creating your own spin glasses.

Concert – Sponsored by WLU Student Government Association featuring 80’s music from the M-80’s.

Hypnotist - Come and be part of the show as Bill Petteck wows the audience with hypnosis and comedic charm!  You won’t want to miss a show like this.

Blast from the Past Night: Bonfire and Movie on the Quad - Heat up by the fire and cool down bobbing for apples at this carnival-style event featuring a movie that will remind you of the drive in, cornhole, tie-dying shirts, cotton candy, and many other awesome attractions. *This event is sponsored by the Tobacco and Alcohol Free Coalition*

Organizational Fair in College Union - You will have the chance to meet and greet some of West Liberty’s finest clubs and organizations.  Join others that share your secret talents and interests and find the club that is right for you.

Cornhole Tournament - Need a new flat screen TV?  Enter this tournament based on a simple backyard game for the chance to win a new TV!

And many more activities throughout the campus provided through Greek Life, Student Government Association, Athletics, and Housing & Student Life!