Welcome to West Liberty University and our residential community.  The information contained here will help prepare you for life in the residence halls, and the transition you make into University life.  As a member of the University community, you will find that much of what you learn will occur outside the classroom as you learn to live and work with others, in a diverse community.  The student life experience at West Liberty is designed to help you grow in personal, social and academic areas.

Residential Communities

The residence hall is a community in which students are the main ingredient. We believe a residence hall is more than a place to relax between classes or sleep. Our residence hall communities are designed to be active centers of student life.  The residence life staff encourages you to maintain an open-minded approach to the challenges and opportunities presented daily by residential communities in order to grow in citizenship and leadership.

To make a community function, it is very important to ensure that the rights of individuals are respected. We urge each resident to act responsibly toward the rest of the community as well as to himself or herself. It is important that each person’s actions contribute to the development of a strong, balanced community within the residence halls.