Formal Membership Recruitment takes place every fall semester.  Our five chapters, both local and national, participate in Formal membership Recruitment.  Formal Membership Recruitment has structured rounds and events that allow potential new members to visit all participating chapters, eventually resulting in the mutual selection of one organization.  To participate in Formal Membership Recruitment, potential new members need to complete a registration process.

Register now for Formal Recruitment for Fall 2015.

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Before registering, please read through the information below, as there are helpful hints and important instructions!

When is recruitment?

  • September 14th – 18th, 2014
  • Recruitment begins on Monday, September 14, 2014 at 7pm in the Elbin Library.  All Perspective New Members (PNMs) will be asked to meet PanHellenic Council and Rho Gamma’s in the Student Union, and will walk over to the Library together.  A more detailed schedule of events is available online as well through the Greek Life website.
  • There will be two informational sessions to learn more about recruitment and get a brief background of each chapter on the following dates: September 2nd at 8pm  in the Alumni Room of the College Union and September 3rd at 8pm in the College Union Ballroom

Will I receive anything in the mail about recruitment from WLU?

When Should I Register?

  • Incoming Freshman Students – We recommend freshmen students wait until they have graduate high school to complete the registration process.  This is to ensure the academic information you have provided is the most current and accurate.
  • Transfer and Current Students – Current college students, both transfer students and WLU students can transfer any time after July 15th.
  • There will be two informational sessions hosted by Panhellenic Council in the Fall with more information for those who are unsure about the recruitment process.

How do I register?

  • Prior to registering, make sure you have all the necessary information to complete the registration form.  The following information will be needed for registration:
    • WLU Student ID Number
    • High School GPA (freshman students)
    • College GPA (current and transfer students)
    • Information on High School and/or Collegiate Activities, involvements, and awards
    • Names, affiliations, and colleges for any legacy connections.
  • Register online through this site, at either informational session, or by visiting the Office of Housing & Student Life in Rogers Hall

How Will I Know I Am Registered for Recruitment?

  •  After your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from one of our Panhellenic Executive Board officers.  After registering you will be organized into a Recruitment Group and a Recruitment Guide (known as a Rho Gamma) will be in touch at the beginning of the fall semester to answer any questions you may have.

What if I register for recruitment and change my mind?

  • If you change your mind about participating in Recruitment, please contact Kate Billings, Campus Activities Coordinator, to make those arrangements.

Do grades matter?

  • Grades are very important!
  • Overall,  Greek women have a higher average GPA than the undergraduate women’s average GPA.  Most of the sororities require at least a 2.0 equivalent or above depending on the chapter.
  • What about non-freshman potential new members?  The college GPA minimum is usually a 2.0 or above.
  • What if my GPA is not on a 4.0 scale? We will use the GPA that is calculated by the Office of Admissions based on your core requirements.

What is a legacy?

  • Typically a PNM who is the sister, daughter, or granddaughter of a sorority alumna is considered a legacy.  You will be asked on the registration form if you are a legacy and to which sorority.
  • If I am a Legacy, am I guaranteed a bid? No, legacies are not guaranteed a bid.  Each sorority has different policies on legacies.  Ultimately, it is the individual potential member’s personality, character, resume, grades, etc. that are the main determining factors.

PanHellenic Recruitment Week-at-a-Glance

 Day  Round  Attire
 Monday, 9/14/14  Round 1  Casual Attire
 Tuesday, 9/15/14  Round 2 Theme Day 1  Casual Attire
 Wednesday, 9/16/14  Round 2 Theme Day 2  Casual Attire
 Thursday, 9/17/14  Round 3 Preference Night  Nice dress or dressy skirt/pants/top
 Friday, 9/18/14  Bid Day  Casual Attire

How does Membership Selection work?

  • At WLU, we use the National PanHellenic Conference process of priority recruitment.  At the conclusion of round 1, PNMs will be able to choose their top 4 chapters to return to for Round 2.  At the end of round 2, chapters are submitting their selection of PNMs to invite back for the Preference Round.  Each PNM is allowed to attend a maximum of two Preference Parties.  If invited to more than 2 Preference Parties, the PNM chooses which two they will attend.  At the conclusion of the Preference Round, all PNMs will rank the chapters from which they are interested in receiving a bid.  At that point, the Office of Housing & Student Life will work with National PanHellenic Council Advisors to do Bid Matching.

What happens if I get no invitations back to any of the sororities on any given day?  Or Bid Day?

  • If a PNM has have not received any invitations back to the next round of recruitment, a PNM will be notified by her Rho Chi.  Not receiving any invitations may be due to grades or the sorority felt that it was not a good fit or numbers not matching up.

Can I go through spring recruitment or again next fall?

  • Anyone not receiving a bid may participate in Continuous Open Bidding with chapters who have decided to move forward with that at the conclusion of formal recruitment in the fall.  You may also wait until the spring semester to participate in spring informal recruitment.

What happens on Bid Day?

  • Bid day is fun!  All PNMs will be given their bid at 4pm on September 18th.  A small reception hosted by PanHellenic Council will take place in the College Union.  Then each sorority plans its own events for later in the day.  Events might include a barbeque/catered dinner, games, activities, etc.  Dress in comfortable clothing, nothing fancy.

What is sorority life like after recruitment?

  • How much time does a sorority take?  There is a required meeting once a week where you will receive information on chapter events and sorority education.  Weekly study sessions, sisterhood activities, community service projects and social events are also potential time commitments.
  • How long will it take to be initiated?  The new member period is usually six to eight weeks.  This time is an opportunity to meet other members, learn sorority history and begin to feel at home.  Each sorority establishes its own new member program and initiation dates.  All sororities have a zero tolerance for hazing.
  • Do I have to join a sorority in the fall semester?  Some sororities are able to recruit new members in the spring semester.  Events are organized and scheduled at each sorority’s convenience.  If you want the opportunity to interact with all five of our sororities before making your sorority choice, then you should participate in Fall Formal Recruitment.
  • Do I have to live in a sorority house?  Each sorority has its own policies regarding living in the house if they have one.  Most members living in the sorority houses are sophomores or older.
  • Does one sorority tend to be more expensive than the others?  The fees vary depending on which chapter you join.  Each chapter is willing to provide the financial obligation information during the recruitment process, so don’t be afraid to ask!  Dues include the activities fees, insurance, new member pin, sorority badge, leadership programs, etc.  The first year of membership is more expensive because of one time fees such as national fees, your new member pin and sorority badge.

Other Helpful Hints