The goal for Risk Management is to collaborate with the campus community, identify and assess risk, increase safety and decrease potential loss while advancing the mission of the University.

The Greek Council and campus mission at West Liberty University is to promote sound risk management policies and practices, through risk management education, programming and information involved in all aspects of Greek Life.

The Greek Council will incorporate FIPG (Fraternal Information and Programming Group) Risk Management Policy into its constitution and by laws regarding policies on alcohol and drugs, hazing, sexual abuse and harassment, fire, health and safety, and education.

Risk Management and Anti-Hazing Compliance Form

Risk Management Chair Expectations

Beginning in the Fall 2014, all Greek Organizations will be expected to have a Risk Management position in place on their executive board or as a committee.  This is a leadership position and as Risk Management Chair, you have been asked to serve and represent your chapter.  You are a role model who will provide guidance to and represent your chapter sisters/brothers.

As a committee chairman, you have significant responsibility in carrying out the activities of the chapter.  Each chapter is only as strong as its individual members.  All members are afforded the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways to the welfare of the chapter.  Being a chairman provides the opportunity to inspire your members to reach their potential as individuals and to be responsible for the basic expectations as students at WLU.

At times your chapter members may not understand the responsibilities that go into holding your position.  It is important to remember that you were chosen to fulfill the duties of this position.  Your chapter’s best interest should always be in mind and at heart.  This can be very challenging at times, especially when it is necessary to separate business from personal relationships, but you must look to the future and consider what is in the best interest of the chapter as a whole.  Your obligations and responsibilities in holding your position should always include loyalty to your University and promotion of organizational growth.


The Risk Management Committee/Chair is responsible for overseeing the risk aspects of all chapter activities to ensure members’ well-being and safety at all times according to University and chapter policies.  He/she deals with issues the chapter might face regarding health, wellness, and safety by promoting awareness and education through planned events and activities.

Along with planned events and health tips, he/she shall bring awareness to the chapter on health issues, and he/she can schedule workout hours and possible intramural activities.  He/she shall oversee all sober brother/sisters at events involving alcohol and is responsible for planning and implementing an alcohol awareness and drug program at least once per year.  He/She, together with their committee, will help enforce the safety and well-being of all members.  The committee will also develop a risk management policy for the chapter in accordance with organizational policies.

Main Policy and Program Implementation

  • Enforce Fraternity/Sorority constitution and bylaws.
  • Enforce all university and Fraternity/Sorority policies, with specific attention to interpreting and enforcing the Alcohol/Drug Policy, Human Dignity Policy, Overnight Policy, and Risk Management Policy.
  • Be aware of and follow up on risk management issues.
  • Organize/Attend risk management activities for all members on the following issues: alcohol and drugs, hazing, sexual abuse, fire prevention, emergency planning, crisis management, safe housekeeping (if applicable), and any other necessary risk management issues.  (One program per semester to be centered around a risk management topic).
  • Enforce the risk management program.
  • Educate the chapter on all facets of the risk management program.
  • Increase risk management awareness.
  • Update the risk management program as needed.
  • Meet with Greek Advisor to discuss new ideas and suggestions.
  • Ensure all members attend all chapter activities on risk management.
  • Maintain and annually review and update a crisis management plan.
  • Ensure all new members attend an Anti-Hazing Seminar facilitated by the Office of Housing & Student Life.
  • Ensure that the chapter and its members are following and striving to achieve goals related to self, chapter, campus, community, and Fraternity/Sorority.
  • Fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.
  • Approve all new member education programs to make sure they are in accordance with University and chapter risk management policies.
  • Plan two events per year regarding risk management.

Role at Meetings

  • Include a report at each chapter meeting referring to any risk management events/information.  Provide information on issues and health/wellness to the chapter.
  • Have a voice and vote on all issues pertaining to the wellness of the chapter.  These issues should be discussed amongst the entire chapter.
  • Plan and execute events while keeping in mind the needs and wants of the chapter members.

Housing Policies (if applicable)

  • Enforce chapter housing risk management policy.
  • Ensure that all brothers/sisters maintain their areas in safe conditions.
  • Make sure all housing is safe and fire/evacuation processes are in place.

Chapter Policies and Programs

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the local constitution, bylaws and policies.  This will mean going through your constitution and bylaws to include risk management policies.
  • Assist in establishing/updating the chapter’s risk management policy for the chapter.  If the chapter does not utilize or have a risk management policy, it is the responsibility of the risk management chairman to create and implement this procedure following the requirements of the campus, Fraternity/Sorority and the chapter.
  • Ensure that the minimum standards of brotherhood/sisterhood and standards of the chapter are upheld by all members.  These standards should follow the guidelines of the campus, the Fraternity/Sorority and the chapter.

Campus Regulations

Chapter Responsibilities

  • Coordinate accident and investigation reports when necessary.
  • File any incident reports.
  • Maintain accurate records of all reports, events and programs.
  • Ensure that proper risk management precautions are taken at all chapter events.
  • Ensure that all members attend all chapter educational sessions on risk management. (One program per semester to be centered around a risk management topic)
  • Obtain all members’ emergency contact information (both local and family/home contacts).
  • Provide emergency help numbers to all members (i.e. local police, fire, rape crisis hotlines, etc.).
  • Provide health and wellness as well as counseling information to members, especially concerning free services.

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