Involvement is the key to getting the most from your college experience.  Student organizations provide opportunities for growth and development that complement and enhance classroom learning.  West Liberty University provides many opportunities to become involved in campus life with more than 50 active organizations.  All organizations have specific goals, objectives and functions.  There is something for everyone, whether interests are social, religious, special, professional, departmental, or honorary.

Here is the list of our current clubs and organizations!


The links below will guide you through the process of forming a new student organization at West Liberty University.  Forming a group can be challenging, but a very rewarding process.  To ensure success, the Office of Housing & Student Life has designed a process that will help your group form a solid foundation so that your club/organization can provide a valuable experience for your fellow students.

There are many positive benefits with being a recognized group on campus, including use of the West Liberty name, ability to reserve space, and take advantage of the services offered through the Office of Housing & Student Life.  There are also several responsibilities associated with being a recognized group, including abiding by West Liberty policies, updating officer information whenever there is a change, and renewing your recognition status at the beginning of every Fall semester.

When starting a new student organization there are several questions to consider:

  1. Is there another group on campus that exists that meets the interests you are looking for in a student organization?
  2. Would you be able to recruit a minimum of 5 members for the group?
  3. Do you have the time to work on all of the requirements and are others helping you?

The staff in the Office of Housing & Student Life are available to help answer your questions and provide you with assistance.  There are necessary requirements to become a recognized student organization at West Liberty University.  They are as follows:

  1. Complete the Student Organization Registration Form
  2. Create a constitution (sample available)
  3. Recruit  a minimum of 5 members
  4. Secure a University faculty or staff advisor (Role of the Advisor)
  5. Complete an Officer Roster Form
  6. Complete a Membership Roster Form and email to [email protected]
  7. Throughout the academic year, submit Campus Activities Event Form
  8. Submit nominations for Student Life Awards

Once the group returns these materials and a representative has met with the staff of Housing & Student Life, they will be reviewed by the Campus Activities Coordinator, and the group will be notified within a week of completing the requirements if they have achieved recognition status.

Questions can sent to Housing & Student Life at [email protected] or by contacting our Campus Activities Coordinator at (304)336-8580.