Spring 2015 Clubs & Organizations registered through the Office of Housing & Student Life are listed below.  If you are interested in starting a club or organization email [email protected], or visit the Office of Housing & Student Life in Rogers Hall.

Academic/Service Honor Societies

Alpha Chi
Alpha Phi Sigma
Alpha Psi Omega
Chi Beta Phi
Delta Mu Delta
Delta Sigma Pi
Phi Alpha Theta
Psi Chi
Sigma Tau Delta
Sigma Delta Pi


Academic/Professional Clubs

American Dental Hygienists Association
Advisor – Jennifer Blaskovich, [email protected]
Description – ADHA’s Vision: To improve the public’s total health, the mission of ADHA is to advance the art and science of dental hygiene by ensuring access to quality oral health care, increasing awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention, promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure, practice and research, and representing and promoting the interests of dental hygienists.

American Institute of Graphic Arts
President/Student Contact – Miranda Pellicano, [email protected]
Advisor – James Hazlett, [email protected]
Description – AIGA advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. We define global standards and ethical practices, guide design education, inspire designers and the public, enhance professional development, and make powerful tools and resources accessible to all. We are part of the Pittsburg Chapter. Our personal goal is to give students the option for creative connections, networking opportunities, and outlets for design.

Athletic Trainer’s Club
President/Student Contact – Leanna McMillen, [email protected]
Advisor – Amber Helphenstine, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of the WLUATC shall be to further community awareness about the profession of athletic training and further the education of its members. Members will be active student advocates for the profession.

Biology Club
President/Student Contact – Aleksandr Florjanczyk, [email protected]
Advisor – Heather Kalb, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of the Biology Club is to foster the student/faculty relationship and the student/student relationship so those students may be more informed and more successful in their endeavors at WLU.

Criminal Justice Society
President – Hannah Walters, [email protected]
Advisor –
Description – The main objective of Criminal Justice Society is to educate members through hands on experience and exploration of the Criminal Justice Field. This is done utilizing seminars, workshops, guest speakers, field trips, and community service.

Exercise Physiology Majors Club
President – Jordan Crawford, [email protected]
Advisor – Abu Ma’afala, [email protected]
Description We, the members of the West Liberty Exercise Physiology Club, promote health, physical fitness and safety to the student body at West Liberty University.

HATS- The Hospitality and Tourism Society
President/Student Contact – Elizabeth Hughes, [email protected]
Advisor – Annette Godown, [email protected]
Description- The Hospitality and Tourism Society (HATS) at West Liberty University is a professional student organization designed primarily for Business Administration students pursuing the specialization in Tourism and Event Management, but open for membership to all West Liberty students who have an interest in travel and tourism; hotel and resort management; convention, event, and meeting planning; food and beverage service/restaurants; managed services; recreation management; etc.

Investment Club
President/Student Contact – Brian Thompson, [email protected]

Math Club
President/Student Contact – Nancy Isner, [email protected]
Description – The purpose is to have social interaction with people of similar interests and to increase awareness of mathematics and the enjoyment of mathematics.

Medical Laboratory Science Club
President/Student Contact- Allie Howard, [email protected]
Advisor – Bonnie Porter, [email protected]
Description – To foster an enriched relationship between MLS students and faculty that lasts well beyond their time at West Liberty University.

National Science Teachers Association
President/Student Contact – Zachary Klemm, [email protected]
Advisor – Travis Miller, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of this chapter shall be: To promote the mission of NSTA; To acquaint the preservice teachers of science with the support resources available from NSTA; To provide additional professional development in science education to preservice teachers; To acquaint preservice teachers of science with others like themselves at their university or college across the United States and Canada.

Physical Education & Health Majors Club
President/Student Contact – Azia Halstead, [email protected]
Advisor – Cathy Monteroso, [email protected]
Description – We the members of the West Liberty University Education Major’s Club, hereby pledge to promote health, physical fitness, safety, and wellness of the student body at West Liberty University.

Physician Assistant Student Society

President/Student Contact-
Advisor – Brittney Sobota, [email protected]
Description – Give PA students the opportunity to participate in the decision making processes that affect the program as a whole; provide a forum for discussion of issues raised by PA students; member elections,; and promote and support the PA program at WLU and surrounding community.

Psychology Club
President/Student Contact – Jack Cardosy-Fisher, [email protected]
Advisor – Tifani Fletcher, [email protected]
Description – To bring psychology students together to engage in professional development, academic, and fun activities.

Social Work Club
President/Student Contact – Beth Trickett, [email protected]      
Advisor – Sheli Bernstein-Goff, [email protected]
Description – To facilitate communication and fellowship among the social work majors and faculty; To promote interest in social work issues; and to promote social action and service both within and outside the campus community.

Sports Business Association
President/Student Contact – Karissa Duke, [email protected]
Advisor – Craig Crow, [email protected]
Description – To meet the demand of West Liberty University students with a desire for additional sport business industry education, networking, and professional development to complement their existing coursework.

Student Accounting Society
President/Student Contact – Christian Coe, [email protected]
Advisor – James Crumbacher, [email protected]
Description – Objectives and goals of the Society are to strengthen the commitment of WLU to the professional development of those students who have an interest in accounting; instill in its members a desire for self-development; maximize job opportunities; cultivate a sense of responsibility and service in its members; provide opportunities for members to meet with professional practicing in the accounting field; promote the collegiate study of accounting; develop leadership, communication, teamwork, and organizational skills; provide community service through volunteer projects and fundraising skills; offer voluntary services to the college and the community when time is available and the need arises; act as a channel through which students can become familiar with the accounting profession; network with accounting students, accounting faculty, and accounting professionals; facilitate communication with college tutoring and other student services; encourage high professional and ethical standards; discuss current accounting issues and career options with guest speakers from accounting firms, local CPA Society, and other organizations; and encourage social and professional meeting among its members.

West Liberty Student Education Association
President/Student Contact – Catherine Wells, [email protected]
Advisor – Earl Nicodemus, [email protected]
Description – The objectives of this organization are to develop for prospective educators an understanding of the teaching profession; provide for unified student voice in matters affecting the teaching profession; influence the conditions under which prospective educators are prepared; and advance the interests and welfare of students preparing for careers in education.

West Liberty University Student Chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children
President/Student Contact – Kristen Malinoeski, [email protected]
Advisor – Sarah Schimmel, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of this chapter shall be to advance the education of individuals with exceptionalities and to promote related educational, scientific, and charitable purposes.

WLU Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization
President/Student Contact – Karissa Duke, [email protected]
Advisor – Carrie White, [email protected]  
Description – A student-led organization that fosters interest in the field of entrepreneurship. It’s focus is to inspire, connect, and support students to succeed as entrepreneurs. CEO offers mentoring relationships, activities for entrepreneurship development, and experiential learning through competitions.

Religious Life Organizations

Alpha & Omega
President/Student Contact – Eric Piekarski, [email protected]
Description- A Christian men’s fellowship that meets weekly for bible study.
Catholic Campus Ministries
Advisor – Shirley Carter, [email protected]

Kappa Phi
President/Student Contact,
Advisor – Debra Dague, [email protected]
Description – A club for Christian university women which focuses on four areas: service, worship, fellowship, and study-“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Protestant Campus Ministries
Advisor – Debra Dague, [email protected]

Special Interest Groups

Club Ultimate

President – George Maddox, [email protected]
Advisor – Kenneth Sexton, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of Club Ultimate is to give WLU students the ability to play ultimate frisbee.

Collegiate 4-H Club

President/Student Contact – Karissa Duke, [email protected]
Advisor – Debra Dague, [email protected]
Description – 4-H engages youth in reaching their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development

Dance Team
President/Student Contact – Alex Perrone, [email protected]
Advisor – Melanie Behanna, [email protected]
Description – To promote school spirit and to entertain

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
President/Student Contact – Myron Jellison, [email protected]
Advisor – Abu Ma’afala, [email protected]
Description – To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Hilltop Swingers Swing Dance Society
President/Student ContactCaleb Kissiah, [email protected]
AdvisorAshley Carter, [email protected]
DescriptionTo bring everyone we can into the wonderful culture of Swing/Blues/Lindy Hop dancing.

History Club
President/Student Contact – Travis Habursky, [email protected]
Advisor – Darrin Cox, [email protected]
Description – To reach this goal, we not only discuss and analyze history, but also organize community events and gatherings that commemorate historical events, thereby fostering knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject by sharing it with others.

International Club
President/Student Contact –
Advisor – Mia Szabo, [email protected]
Description – International Club promotes international awareness with a view to multiculturalism. It is open to everyone and is designed to appeal to all students.

Lacrosse Club
President/Student Contact – Paul Henry, [email protected]
Advisor – Marcella Snyder, [email protected]
Description – International Club promotes international awareness with a view to multiculturalism. It is open to everyone and is designed to appeal to all students.

Mixed Martial Arts Club
President/Student Contact – Nelson Arroyo, [email protected]
Advisor –
Description – The Mixed Martial Arts Club allows martial artists from different disciplines to train together in an informal environment. Men and women of all levels of experience can learn from qualified instructors and experienced students from a variety of different disciplines

President/Student Contact – Sarah Johnson, [email protected]
Advisor –
Description – Pride serves LGBTQ and ally student leaders and campus organizations in the areas of leadership development, support programs and services to create safer, more inclusive LGBTQ-friendly colleges and universities. It exists to develop, support and give “voice and action” in building future LGBTQ and ally student leaders.

Role Playing Game Club
President/Student Contact – Dylan Mckenzie, [email protected]
Advisor – Kate Billings, [email protected]
Description – Meets to enjoy smaller quick to play games such as Magic the Gathering, Werewolves, and Munchkin.

Odyssey of the Mind
President/Student Contact – Karissa Duke, [email protected]
Advisor – Carrie White, [email protected]
Description – To promote creativity, divergent thinking, team-work skills, and self-confidence in youth by providing them the opportunity to participate in creative-problem solving.

Scuba Diving Club
President/Student Contact – Caitlyn Asbury, [email protected]
Advisor – Theunis van Aardt, [email protected]
Description – To promote school spirit and to entertain

Ski Club
President/Student Contact – Claire Ortenzo, [email protected]
Advisor – Theunis van Aardt, [email protected]
Description- This group is created for the students of West Liberty University who have a shared passion for skiing and/or snowboarding. By creating this club, opportunities for student bonding and travel become available. This club will help to ensure student interaction and involvement on and off campus.

Soccer Club
President/Student Contact – Jerid Withers, [email protected]
Advisor – Serkan Catma, [email protected]
Description – To provide a safe and fun opportunity for students to play soccer. This club will provide an opportunity for exercise, teamwork, and leadership development.

Student Activities Board
Advisor – Kate Billings, [email protected]

Student Government Association
President/Student Contact – Evan Newman, [email protected]
Advisor – Ryan McCullough, [email protected]
Description – MAKING THE BEST BETTER through Service, Leadership, and Integrity. SGA acts as the central student organization aiding all other campus student organizations with communication, leadership, finances, and cooperative planning to better serve the entire university community.

West Liberty Dance Team
President/Student Contact – Alex Perrone, [email protected]
Advisor – Melanie Behanna, [email protected]
Description – To promote school spirit and to entertain

West Liberty Paranormal
President/Student Contact – Jacob Reinard, [email protected]
Advisor – Nicole Naegele, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of West Liberty Paranormal is to give members a chance to investigate and experience the supernatural.

President/Student Contact – Kali Davis, [email protected]
Advisor – Jeff Pfister, [email protected]
Description – College Radio is a great place to build campus relationships, enhance your voice, and build leadership experience.  Anyone interested in playing music, announcing WLU sports, or participating in campus and off-campus promotional activities is welcome at WGLZ .  Some positions are paid, all positions build valuable resume experience regardless of your filed of study.

WLU Percussive Arts Society Chapter
President/Student Contact – Robert Moore, [email protected]
Advisor – Brian Baldauff, [email protected]
Description – Our mission as the West Liberty chapter of the Percussive Arts Society is to share and promote an interest in the percussive musical arts across campus to faculty, staff, and students.

WLU College Republicans
President/Student ContactEvan Newman, [email protected]
DescriptionTo promote the values and beliefs of the Republican Party and the community. We wish to gain more members of the party at the college level, develop a greater understanding of the US Constitution, sponsor speakers, question and answer sessions with public officials, debates and discussions of current events.

West Liberty Pioneers
President/Student Contact – Mariah McCroskey, [email protected]
Advisor – Aron Massey, [email protected]
Description – To bring together students with an interest in the outdoors.

Greek Life Organizations


Alpha Xi Delta
President/Student Contact – Hannah Judkins, [email protected]
Advisor – Marcella Snyder, [email protected]
Description – Inspiring women to realize their potential. The mission of Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity is to enrich the life of every Alpha Xi Delta. We will: Nurture unity and cooperation; Foster intellectual, professional and personal growth; Exemplify the highest ethical conduct; Instill community responsibility; Perpetuate fraternal growth.

Beta Rho Epsilon
President/Student Contact – Camille Bernabei, [email protected]
Advisor – Jill Nixon, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of Beta Rho Epsilon is to is to meet new people on campus and develop a diverse group of women. Our mission statement is Lifelong Friendship, International Awareness, Scholarship, and service to better society. The vision of Beta Rho Epsilon is by being a network of friendship and support, we will achieve excellence by inspiring one another to rise above all.

Delta Theta Kappa
President/Student Contact – Erin Howard, [email protected]
Advisor – Jill Nixon, [email protected]
Description – The purpose of Beta Rho Epsilon is to is to meet new people on campus and develop a diverse group of women. Our mission statement is Lifelong Friendship, International Awareness, Scholarship, and service to better society. The vision of Beta Rho Epsilon is by being a network of friendship and support, we will achieve excellence by inspiring one another to rise above all.

Lambda Psi Sigma
President/Student Contact – Hannah Walters, [email protected]
Advisor – Carrie White, [email protected]
Description – To provide a distinctive bond between collegiate women who are dedicated to themselves, their sisters, and their letters. Lambda Psi Sigma provides truthful, uplifting, and secure surroundings to its loyal sisters and those jointed for a common purpose. The sisters are also willing to be active on campus and in the sorority as well as being diversified.

Chi Omega
President/Student Contact – Leah Cyrus, [email protected]
Advisor – Sherry Bender, [email protected]
Description – Chi Omega is an intergenerational women’s organization forever committed to our founding purposes: Friendship; Personal integrity; Service to others; Academic excellence and intellectual pursuits; Community and campus involvement; Personal and career development.


Beta Theta Gamma
President/Student ContactChristian Mikula, [email protected]
AdvisorMichael Marshall, [email protected]
DescriptionTo unify the WLU community, provide a sense of brotherhood, fun and belonging for college students and serve the interests of the community at large.

Kappa Delta Kappa
President/Student Contact – Casey Johnson, [email protected]
Advisor – Michael Blackwell, [email protected]
Description – The Fraternal Order of Kappa Delta Kappa shall exist as to provide male students of West Liberty University with both social atmosphere and obligation service of fellow man. The Fraternity shall form the basis of acceptance, tolerance, and responsibility as we develop successful active citizens from young men.

Phi Delta Theta
President/Student Contact – Evan Newman, [email protected]
Advisor – Tony Massa, [email protected]
Description – The pinnacle of fraternal and professional societies, centered on the potential of each brother, the unquenchable thirst for personal development and the lifelong values of friendship, sound learning and rectitude.

Chi Nu
President/Student Contact – Aaron Majetich, [email protected]
Advisor – Aron Massey- [email protected]
Description – Chi Nu is much more than a fraternity. Chi Nu is a brotherhood of the most respectful, trustworthy, and hardworking gentleman on campus. Our purpose is to strive for excellence in our own lives and to help others in need. Becoming better men is what we do. Hidy Tidy.