Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega’s mission is to provide acknowledgement to those demostrating a high standard of accomplishment in theater and providing a wider fellowship for those interested in theater.

Advisor: Meta Lasch, [email protected]

Organization Email: [email protected]


American Dental Hygienist’s Association

ADHA’s Vision: To improve the public’s total health, the mission of ADHA is to advance the art and science of dental hygiene by ensuring access to quality oral health care, increasing awareness of teh cost-effective benefits of prevention, promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure, practice and research, and representing and promoting the interests of dental hygienists.

Advisor: Jennifer Blaskovich,  [email protected]


Athetic Training Club

The purpose of the WLU Athletic Trainers’ Club shall be to further community awareness about the profession of athletic training and further the education of its members.  Members will be active student advocates for the profession.

Advisor: Amber Helphenstine, [email protected]


Baptist College Ministry

Our mission is to compliment and suppliment Protestant Campus Ministry activities by providing opportunities for redemption, bibly study, worship, christian fellowship, and service while upholding traditional Baptist values.

Advisor: Dr. Norman Clampitt, [email protected]


Beard Club

The purpose of Beard Club is to promote and display the fine art and discipline of engineering the male facial form.  We’re here to celebrate beards, not shame those without them.

Advisor: Ryan McCullough, [email protected]


Beta Rho Epsilon

The purpose of Beta Rho Epsilon is to meet new people on campus and develop a diverse group of women.  The mission is lifelong friendship, international awareness, scholarship and service to a better society.

Advisor: Jill Nixon, [email protected]

Organization Email: [email protected]


Biology Club

To foster the student/faculty relationship and the student/student relationship so those students may be more informed and more successful in their endeavors at WLU.

Advisors: Heather Kalb, [email protected], and Zac Loughman, [email protected]

Organization Email: [email protected]


Capture West Lib

The purpose of Capture West Lib is to educate students and faculty in the medium of photography.

Advisor: Brian Fencl, [email protected]

Organization Email: [email protected]


Chemistry Club

The mission of the Chemistry Club is to enhance student/faculty relationships and to increase interest in chemistry.

Advisor: Theunis van Aardt, [email protected]


Chi Beta Phi

The mission of Chi Beta Phi is to promote interest in science and to give recognition to scholarly attainment in science.

Advisor: Hollie Buchanan, [email protected]


Chi Omega

Chi Omega is an intergenerational women’s organizational forever committed to our founding purposes: friendship, personal integrity, service to others, academic excellence and intellectual pursuits, community and campus involvement, personal and career development.

Advisor: Sherry Bender, [email protected]


Club Ultimate

The purpose of Club Ultimate is to give WLU students the ability to play ultimate frisbee.

Advisor: Kenneth Sexton, [email protected]


Dance Team

To promote and uphold school spirit and to entertain.

Advisors: Ashley Carter, [email protected], and Melanie Behanna, [email protected]


D’ Math Club

The purpose is to have social interaction with people of similar interests and to increase awareness of mathematics and the enjoyment of mathematics.

Advisor: Hollie Buchanan, [email protected]


Delta Theta Kappa

The purpose is to provide sisterhood and friendship to full-time female students while gaining leadership and communication skills via elected positions, involvement with greek life and the rest of the community, and the importance of charity work.

Advisor: Lisa Marple, [email protected]


Delta Zeta Pi

The purpose is to achieve and withhold the four pillars of our fraternity: academics, community, athletics and brotherhood.

Advisor: Tony Massa, [email protected]

Organization Email: [email protected]


Exercise Physiology Club

We the members of the West Liberty Exercise Physiology Club promote health, physical fitness and safety to the student body at West Liberty University.

Advisor: Abu Ma’afala, [email protected]


Flag Football Club

Advisor: Patrick Henry, [email protected]


French Club

The purpose is to create an environment where students can come and practice their French and/or share their love for the French speaking world.

Advisor: Dr. Shannon Halicki, [email protected]


Health and Physical Education Club

We the  members of the West Liberty University Education Major’s Club, hereby pledge to promote health, physical fitness, safety, and wellness of the student body at West Liberty University.

Advisor: Cathy Monteroso, [email protected]


Historical Combative Studies Club

The purpose is learning technique and combative culture of ancient civilizations and to provide students with a chance to exercise in a competitive manner.

Advisor: Sandra Czernek, [email protected]


History Club

To promote the interest and education of history throughout West Liberty University and the community.

Advisor: Darrin Cox, [email protected]


Horror Club

Our purpose is to provide a place for students interested in horror-related issues to gather and discuss ideas and activities.

Advisor: Darrin Cox, [email protected]

Organization Email: [email protected]

Kappa Delta Kappa

The Fraternal Order of Kappa Delta Kappa shall exist as to provide male students of West Liberty University with both a social atmosphere and an obligation to service of fellow man. The fraternity shall form the basis of acceptance, tolerance, and responsibility as we develop successful active citizens from young men.

Advisor: Dr. Michael Blackwell, [email protected]


Kappa Phi

A club for Christian university women which focuses on four areas: service, worship, fellowship, and study.

Advisor: Debra Dague, [email protected]

Organization Website: www.kappaphi.org


Lacrosse Club

Advisor: Matthew Perry, [email protected]


Lambda Psi Sigma

The purpose of Lambda Psi Sigma is to enjoy all the privileges and carry out all the responsibilities granted to the Alpha Epsilon Chapter as a collegiate unit of Lambda Psi Sigma; to provide a distinctive bond between woman who are dedicated to themselves, their sisters and their letters. Lambda Psi Sigma provides trughful, uplifting and secure surroundings to its loyal sisters and those jointed for a common purpose. The sisters are also willing to be active on campus and in the sorority as well as being diversified.

Advisor: Carrie White, [email protected]


Nicholas Cage Fan Club

We are a group of West Liberty students who love Nicholas Cage and just want others to bask in his glory. It is a group of like minded individuals who can meet, have fun, and generally confuse the rest of campus.

Advisor: Ashley Carter, [email protected]

Paranormal Club

The purpose of West Liberty Paranormal is to give members a chance to investigate and experience the paranormal.

Advisor: Ashley Carter, [email protected]


Physician Assistant Student Society of WLU

Give PA students the opportunity to participate in the decision making processes that affect the program as a whole; provide a forum for discussion of issues raised by PA students; member elections,; and promote and support the PA program at WLU and surrounding community.

Advisor: Brittney Sobota, [email protected]


Psi Chi

An international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology.

Advisor: Tammy McClain, [email protected]


Psychology Club

To bring psychology students together to engage in professional development, academic, and fun activities.

Advisor: Tammy McClain, [email protected]


Role Playing Game Club

To give students, new and old, a healthy environment to have fun and play and and all types of rold-playing games. We do not base membership on any criteria other than must have a love for role-playing, and games of the type.

Advisor: Darrin Cox, [email protected]


Scuba Diving Club

To foster the student/faculty relationship and the student/student relationship so those students may be more informed and more successful in their endeavors at WLU.

Advisor: Theunis van Aardt, [email protected]

Organization Email: [email protected]


Social Work Club

The WLU Social Work Club is designed to enhance human well-being, meet basic human needs, promote social justice and equality for all people. As a social work student association, our core values mirror the core values of the National Association of Social Workers which are service, social justice, worth of a person, importance of relationships, integrity, and competence. As a student association of social work we will utilize scientific inquiry and critical thinking as essential tools in all our activities. These values should be represented in our members, our executive board members, and our advisors lives and education. As a student association, members will become more involved in the social work profession by promoting the above core values both on and off campus.

Advisor: Sheli Bernstein-Goff, [email protected]


Sport Business Association

To meet the demand of West Liberty University students with a desire for additional sport business industry education, networking, and professional development to complement their existing coursework.

Advisor: Craig Crow, [email protected]


Student Accounting Society

Objectives and goals of the Society are to strengthen the commitment of WLU to the professional development of those students who have an interest in accounting; instill in its members a desire for self-development; maximize job opportunities; cultivate a sense of responsibility and service in its members; provide opportunities for members to meet with professional practicing in the accounting field; promote the collegiate study of accounting; develop leadership, communication, teamwork, and organizational skills; provide community service through volunteer projects and fundraising skills; offer voluntary services to the college and the community when time is available and the need arises; act as a channel through which students can become familiar with the accounting profession; network with accounting students, accounting faculty, and accounting professionals; facilitate communication with college tutoring and other student services; encourage high professional and ethical standards; discuss current accounting issues and career options with guest speakers from accounting firms, local CPA Society, and other organizations; and encourage social and professional meeting among its members.

Advisor: James Crumbacher, [email protected]


Student Activities Board

Advisor: Ashley Carter, [email protected]


Student Education Association

The objectives of this organization are to develop for prospective educators an understanding of the teaching profession; provide for unified student voice in matters affecting the teaching profession; influence the conditions under which prospective educators are prepared; and advance the interests and welfare of students preparing for careers in education.

Advisor: Earl Nicodemus, [email protected]

West Liberty Dance Ensemble

An opportunity to develop their bodies as intelligent, responsive instruments through dance techniques designed for that purpose.

Advisor: Jared Thompson, [email protected]


West Liberty Pioneers

To bring together students with an interest in the outdoors.

Advisor: Aron Massey, [email protected]


WLU NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)

The purpose of this chapter shall be: to promote the mission of NSTA; to acquaint the preservice teachers of science with the support resources available from NSTA; to provide additional professional development in science education to preservice teachers; to acquaint preservice teachers of science with others like themselves at their university or college across the United States and Canada.

Advisor: Travis Miller, [email protected]