Thanks for exploring internship possibilities!  Please take a look at the website and then contact Beverly Burke for more information.  Bev’s contact information is: Shaw Hall #233, (304) 336-8004, or Email: [email protected]

Looking for an Internship?

Why an Internship is important: Success starts with experience -  an internship is a great way to launch a career, to learn, and to transform your life! Even though an internship may not be required in your field of study, it is no … Learn More

Transform Your Life

  • Your time at The Washington Center is about getting the chance to experience the real world from the inside, which will give you the opportunity to change your life in a big way.
  • Your academic studies can be brought to life.
  • Your ambition can become a real sense of purpose, and your potential can be activated and transformed into real achievement.

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