bevHi, let me introduce myself:
My name is Beverly Burke, and since West Liberty University’s affiliation with The Washington Center (TWC) was established in 1997, I have served as the Campus Liaison and have helped obtain internships in Washington, D.C. for approximately 70 students.  Additionally, West Liberty has had several students in attendance at national seminars sponsored by TWC such as a two-week stay at the Republican and Democratic Presidential conventions, a week at the Presidential Inauguration ceremonies, and a two-week seminar/simulation based on the Camp David summit  to negotiate a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine.Currently, I have served on the National Liaison Advisory Board to The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Programs for 17 years, which gives me the opportunity to stay abreast of new initiatives/programming as they become available to our students, and to help ensure that our students are getting the most out of the experience.  I feel quite confident in saying that each of those students will never forget their experience in D.C., and the important role their internship has played in their futures both personally and professionally.

“It is my belief that an internship is the best thing you can do to distinguish yourself from thousands of other applicants who are competing for the same jobs.  Washington, D.C. is home to thousands of corporations and federal agencies that can introduce you to opportunities that you were not aware of,  or give you an abroad work experience that  combines study abroad and an internship into one semester or summer term.”


Please stop by my office in room #233 of Shaw Hall or call me at 304-336-8004 for more information on how you can make this happen.  I can also be contacted by email at [email protected].  For additional information on The Washington Center, visit their website at

Please make sure that you visit with me as soon as possible and together we will:

  • Discuss The Washington Center’s academic program components and deadlines and other WLU requirements.
  • Discuss how you will earn academic credit for your participation.
  • Examine your goals and possible placement sites.
  • Discuss program and housing costs and your financial assistance options.
  • Review The Washington Center’s internship application instructions.
  • As campus liaison, I must endorse your application and process all necessary paperwork to ensure that you receive full academic credit for your internship experience.