A Great Way to Learn!

Paul Simon interned at the U.S. Marshal's Service

One of the many things that make The Washington Center special is its unique integration of academics with real-world experience.  Students who participate in this internship program can expect to be kept quite busy since all students are required to complete the following components:

  • Internship – working 4 1/2 days a week
  • Academic Course – choose from a wide variety of classes & earn 3 credit hours
  • Leadership Forum – attendance at various lectures gives you the chance to listen to and engage with distinguished speakers including journalists, ambassadors, members of Congress, and site visits to Capitol Hill, embassies to learn about international conflicts from people who know them first-hand.
  • The Portfolio – develop a written documentation of what you have accomplished.

A Great Way to Transform your Life!

Jasmine interned with XM Satellite Radio in '03 & won an Emmy Award '09!

Your time at The Washington Center is about getting the chance to experience the real world from the inside, which will give you the opportunity to change your life in a big way.

  • Your academic studies can be brought to life.
  • Your ambition can become a real sense of purpose, and your potential can be activated and transformed into real achievement.
  • By test-driving your career and meeting new people, you’ll get to know the world and yourself better.
  • The practical benefits are earning academic credit towards your degree and developing marketable skills.  You’ll be connected to people and institutions that can open doors to a fulfilling and meaningful career.