If an internship seems out of the question, think about participating in a 1-2 week seminar!

In addition to an internship, our students have the opportunity to attend 1-2 week seminars in Washington, D.C.  that are held in January & May and cover various topics.  The January seminars are popular seminars and are usually of a political nature.


Democratic Convention


Presidential Seminars:  During election years  the most interesting and the most popular seminars are the Presidential Convention Seminar Series.  The first seminar is held in January and is usually entitled “Race to the Presidency”, then the attendance at the actual Presidential Conventions  held in August in various cities,  followed-up by the Inauguration Seminar the following January, where the students actually attend the Inauguration Ceremonies.

Inside Washington 2014:  This seminar explores solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing elected officials in the United States such as strategies for achieving compromise in Congress and exploring the relationship between the media and politics.

National Security 2014: This seminar examines the issues of U.S. national security in the context of complex and critical developments in the Middle East and other world hot spots.  You will examine how the U.S. defense and intelligence community combats national security threats, and then you’ll will shift to diplomacy  and how agencies work to protect U.S. interests at home and abroad.

Please visit twc.edu/seminars to learn more about these seminars.