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  • Mandy Helt, a History/English major interned for the US Capitol Historical Society during the summer of 2001.  She spent much of her time doing research at the Library of Congress.  “It is amazing to me that so many people who live and work in D.C. aren’t natives. They come from all over the U.S. and around the world. There is so much diversity & such an opportunity to learn from so many people.”
  • Jessie “James” Zatezalo, a Communication/Journalism major interned at USA Today.
  • Monty Meadows, a Sports Management major, interned with Clear Channel Communications in the Marketing Department during the summer of 2002.
  • Ashley Perkins a Criminal Justice major, interned during the fall of 2002 with the U.S. Marshals Service.
  • Jennifer Neff, a Criminal Justice major worked for the U.S. Marshals Service with Ashley Perkins during the fall of 2002.
  • Ryan Mancuso a Biology/Graphic Design major worked for the EPA in their marketing department during the summer of 2002.
  • Joe Catanese, a Criminal Justice major, interned with the U.S. Marshals during the summer of 2003.  “My time in D.C. has proven to me that it is up to the individual to make his destiny.  I believe this experience has put me in a position to create my future.”
  • Jasmine Crighton, a Communications & Broadcasting major interned with XM Satellite Radio during the summer of 2003.  She served as a production assistant for the “60s on 6″ channel.  “It was a surprise everyday going to work, I never knew which performer I would see in the hall or get to watch in the studio.  Washington is a good place to be, especially for a media student.  The political environment gave me the opportunity to learn about how the world works and how the government operates.” After graduation she obtained a fellowship to graduate school at the Univ. of Las Vegas where she earned her masters.  She worked as a News Director at a TV station in Las Vegas, and in May 2009, won an Emmy for her work!  She is now back at WLU as a member of our Communications faculty.
  • Lora Reuther, a Communications major, landed an internship with Senator Robert C. Byrd’s office during the spring of 2004.
  • Josh Suprenant, a Communications major, spent the summer of 2004 interning at Strauss Radio Strategies.  Josh was in his element in D.C. and loved his experience.  “This was the best time I’ve ever had in my life.” 

Student Testimonial: “My internship with The Washington Center (TWC) had a profound impact on my educational and professional careers.  The experience of living and working in our nation’s capital taught me lessons that I continue to use on a daily basis.  Personally, spending the summer in Washington D.C. opened my eyes to the rest of the world.  I was exposed to all kinds of new information and ideas while attending TWC lectures and classes presented by some of the biggest names in American business, education and government.  And professionally, I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today had I not participated in TWC internship program.  I interned with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where I am currently employed as a Special Agent.  It is a challenging and exciting career that has taken me all over the world, and it started with my TWC internship.  Anyone looking to expand their horizons and get a head start on their careers should very seriously consider an internship with TWC.”

  •  Sara Groux, a Communications major, spent the summer of 2004 working for the Peace Corps.    “This opportunity is truly something I will never forget.”
  • Andy Kovach, and Jim Colucci, both Business Administration majors, spent the summer of 2005 working together for the Shaw Group.
  • Jessie Lim, an Accounting major was a nontraditional student who spent the summer of 2005 working for Merrill Lynch.
  • Adam Stickles, a Communications major spent the summer of 2005 working for Double R Productions, a company that produces television programming and public service announcements, news releases and media training.
  • Anastasia Belashova, an Accounting major worked for Merrill Lynch in the summer of 2005.  Anastasia came to West Liberty from Kyrgystan and was eager to learn about international accountancy and finance, and certainly did that during her internship.
  • Jessica Griffith, a Criminal Justice major spent the Summer of 2005 working with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), our first student to land an internship there.
  • Luke Myers, a Business Administration/Banking, Finance major and May 2007 graduate took advantage of the Post-Graduate program and interned with the GIC Group, an Agribusiness Consulting and Investment Advisory Firm.   “Thankfully, I had an opportunity presented to me by the former CEO of VideoNext to come back to the DC area working for his newly founded start-up security integration company out of Herndon, VA.   Right now I’m the senior accountant and enjoy it at Delax Fairfax ISS.  This opportunity can be traced back to my internship because of the connections that were made.”
  • Lauren Weppler, a Communications/Broadcast Journalism major interned during the summer of 2007 at the PBS show “To The Contrary,” a show owned and operated by women.  “I have found a new “gusto”for the career I intend to pursue. Due to this internship, I am more focused and ready for the career ahead of me.”
  • Paul Simon, a Criminal Justice major spent the Fall of 2007 working for the U.S. Marshal’s Service.
  • Pete Fernbaugh, a Communications major, interned during the summer of 2006 for the Department of Defense at the Pentagon!     “My summer at The Washington Center was one of the most rewarding times of my life. Every step along the way was profitable and contributed greatly to deepending my college and post-college experience.  Working at The Pentagon was both awe-inspiring and enlightening.  One thing was certain, for me this summer, it was the right place at the right time.”
  • Jennifer Cessna, an Accounting major, received a full-scholarship from the U.S. Department of the Treasury during the summer of 2010.   She worked in the Resource Management Staff of the Treasury CIO Office.   Her hard work and dedication to her assignments did not go unnoticed, since she was offered a second paid internship for the summer of 2011 at the Florence, Kentucky branch of the IRS.
  • Michael Hewitt, a Criminal Justice, interned with the Maryland Office of the Public Defenders during the summer of 2010.   “It was the unexpected aspects of this experience that truly made this trip something to remember.  I have experienced what it is like to work in my newly chosen profession, I have set goals for myself, and I believe I would not have come to these decisions without this experience.  It was the best use of my summer, I have made friends in D.C. and I have experienced the “real world.”
  • Willie Voegelin, a Cultural Geography major, spent his summer working for Washington Parks & People, an organization that has been working to revitalize the D.C. park system.   “This summer was tremendous experience for me.  I had the opportunity to see and experience a way of life that was very different from my home.   There are people from literally every corner of the world in D.C. and for the first time I was the minority.  I now understand how it feels to be an outsider, and I believe I am more accepting of diversity and understand that the world has room for many ways of life.  My overall experience in Washington has been more educational than any other semester of college yet.”
  • Nicole Williamson, was a Criminal Justice major who interned with Global Centurion, an organization the deals with human trafficking, sex slavery, child labor and many other related topics.    “I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and within myself.  I have met some of the most interesting people and have seen things I never thought I would.  This journey has given me a new look on life, and I feel confident in a way I never have before.  I now have a foot in the door to what will be an exciting and wonderful career path.
  • Abbey Boram, a Criminal Justice major interned with the U.S. Marshals Service in the U.S. Department of Justice during the fall 2013 semester.
  • Justin Byers, a Criminal Justice major is currently interning (summer 2014)  with the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Tyler McGary, an Accounting/Finance major is currently interning (summer 2014) at the Department of the Interior.